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The RevisionSlider helps navigating through revisions[edit]

The RevisionSlider helps editors navigate through diff pages without having to go back and forth between the diff and history pages. It allows users to navigate through diff pages and to access edit summaries in the diff view, too. It is a tool at the top of the diff screen and shows all revisions as bars on a line. Hovering over the bars shows details (such as the edit summaries and authors), and clicking on the bars selects the revisions to be compared.

The goal of the RevisionSlider is to save time, page loads and to make it easier to navigate through edit summaries from the diff page.



Wish #16 on the German Technical Wishes Survey was to easily navigate through edit summaries when comparing revisions.

Inspired by DerHexer's revisionjumper gadget, the Community Tech team built a RevisionSlider prototype in the beginning of 2016. During the Wikimedia hackathon 2016 in Jerusalem, the prototype was picked up by the WMDE's TCB (Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany), Task Control Block) team, and brought home to Berlin to fulfill the wish from the wishlist.


Community Tech development[edit]

An overview of the work of the Community Tech team can be found here. They also asked for a first feedback from the international community, which was positive in general.

WMDE's TCB team development[edit]

RevisionSlider prototype 0.1, after the hackathon

During the 2016 Wikimedia hackathon, the TCB team started working on the revisionslider. They added the feature that the bars that are representing revisions are colored depending on the section that is highlighted.

The revisionslider, as built by the WMDE's TCB team, as it was on May 31st 2016

After the hackathon, the WMDE team took officially over the work from the Community Tech team. They first turned the prototype code into extension-worthy code. Furthermore, they decided to start with a more bare version that should be released as a Beta feature. Users should then be able to give more feedback. With in house user testing, they improved the usability of the RevisionSlider. The RevisionSlider is available as a Beta feature on all Beta Wikipedias since June 15.

Since July 22, RevisionSlider is available as a Beta feature on German Wikipedia, Arabic Wikipedia and Hebrew Wikipedia (T140232, T140551, T140545). Since August 4, it can be tested on Polish Wikipedia (T141974). After getting valuable feedback and further improving the feature, RevisionSlider has been deployed as a beta feature to all other wikis on September 13 (T143421). Everyone is invited to test the RevisionSlider in "the real world". Thanks to everyone who is helping to improve the feature!

The team has finished the last fine tuning of the RevisionSlider. The version 1.0 is enabled as a default feature for all users on MW.org by November 15 and on German, Hebrew and Arabic Wikipedia by November 22. The feature can be provided for all other wikis in 2017.

Please see also the extension manual on Mediawiki.org.