WMF Board Governance Committee 2014-2015/20-8-14

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BGC meeting, 20/8/14 Maria, Patricio, Phoebe

BGC meetings & communication[edit]

  • BGC meets at every in-person meeting for an hour
  • This year, we also want to have online meetings in between
  • Usually invite Geoff and sometimes Lila to meetings
  • Do we want a mailing list? There is not one now

Agenda and this year's work[edit]

  • This year's agenda definitely includes finding 1-3 new board members and onboarding them
  • Other topics could include elections committee, advisory board
  • Finding new board members takes priority

Board member search[edit]

  • The previous BGC did a board profile/skills grid that gave us competencies we are looking for (tech, legal, finance, maybe governance)
  • Last search had lots of problems, we do not want to repeat the last search process (long, messy)
  • We need to develop a timeline and list of tasks
  • We should ask the transition team if there were ED candidates that would be good board members
  • We should consider people who are related to our movement already as friends, fellow travelers, community members etc as well as people outside