WMF 決議/特別プロジェクト委員会/担当範囲

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Resolutions 特別プロジェクト委員会/担当範囲
This resolution accepting the following items as the scope of the Special projects committee was approved by vote (4 supports) on 4 June 2006.


The Board approves the statement of scope and areas of responsibility of the Special Project committee as defined below:

The primary responsibilities of the Special Projects Committee will be:

  1. Evaluation, incubation, and development of current and proposed Wikimedia projects, events, and ideas
  2. Coordination with researchers to promote analysis of the projects and their communities.
  3. Pursuing grants and other funding to support Wikimedia projects and efforts
  4. Coordination of efforts between the Wikimedia Foundation and other organizations regarding technical, content-related, and business-related ventures.
  5. Distribution of Wikimedia project content
  6. Assisting the Foundation in fulfilling its philanthropic mission of providing free knowledge to people everywhere.

Generally, the scope of the committee is to advise the board about the long term direction of the WMF.