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Wiki Project Med Foundation (WPMEDF), also now known informally within the movement as Wikimedia Medicine, is a nonprofit corporation founded in December 2012 with the purpose of promoting development and distribution of health care content on Wikimedia projects. We do this by forming collaborations with other like-minded organizations, giving talks at universities and other organizations, and working to develop greater access to the medical literature for Wikipedians, among many others. We are incorporated in New York State and tax exempt in the United States, but are a global group with members from all continents with permanent residents. We seek to provide the sum of all medical knowledge to all people in their own language. In Summer 2019, we were recognised by the Wikimedia Foundation as a Thematic Organisation and granted the right to use the "Wikimedia Medicine" name.

How to get involved

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To make clear, reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date educational resources and information in the biomedical and related social sciences freely available to all people in the language of their choice on and off line.

This organization has no direct editorial control over the health-related content of the Wikimedia projects themselves. We believe the goals of the Wikimedia movement are best achieved in collaboration with other organizations who share those goals, and we see Wiki Project Med's role primarily as an educational one, where we will provide advice and instruction to other like-minded individuals and organizations regarding how to contribute to Wikimedia projects. Many of us as individuals, however, are extensively involved as editors within these projects.

Wiki Project Med will fulfill its mission by, among other things:

  • Persuading individual experts and professional and scholarly organizations to review or contribute to Wikimedia medical content, and provide them with necessary support and training
  • Create, collect, process, and present the sorts of metrics which describe usage statistics and quality of health content on Wikimedia projects

While Wiki Project Med members may contribute health content themselves, they will do so not as members or representatives of Wiki Project Med but as members of the projects that host that content (MDWiki, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wiktionary, NC Commons, Commons, etc.).

  • The territory of activity is everywhere in the world where there are people interested in achieving our mission.
  • The organization is legally registered in the United States but people from around the world can join.


Membership is free for active contributors of medical content to a Wikimedia project (such as Wikipedia or MDWiki) or participants in an organisation whose mission aligns with Wiki Project Med's. More details about the exact requirements can be found here.

After filling out the application form, please be sure to add your name to the public list as well.

For more information, visit