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West Bengal Wikimedians
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Event information

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Online Meetup

  • When:  to
  • Location: Google Hangouts: join meeting
  • Who: West Bengal Wikimedians
  • URL: Etherpad
  • Agenda[edit]

    • Share your ongoing work or what you have done in last few weeks.
    • User group activity update in last few weeks.
    • Mini TTT, Kolkata in June



    Date: 21.04.2019 Participants:

    First topic: Mini TTT
    Second topic: What have you done in last month
    Tito: thank you everyone, Rajeeb and Tanay, please update about the last meetup
    Rajeeb: Tarun and Pinaki arranged physical meetup. Around 12-13 people joined, We talked about different updates and guidelines and rules. We discussed the works we are doing. We'll try to another workshop in the first week meetup. Jayanta da asked who are interested in mini-TTT, mini MWT. 7 June was proposed as mini-TTT, mini-MWT dates. 
    Tanay: attended the event, it would not be possible to join for May meetup for vote. Mini TTT on 7-9 June.
    Tito: this is my pleasure to find that the meetup happened and 12-13 people joined. It would be better to update the community 10-14 days earlier
    Rajeeb: Just to say, Kolkata will be the venue and date, as decided by the community
    Tito: It is very sad to see that there will be no event in district. We are the only community which is focussed only on one city i.e. Kolkata. 
    Tarun: No one wants outside Kolkata.
    Bodhi: I am against everything happening in Kolkata, but if the community wants it, then even I have strong disagreement, but as per community wish, so be it
       Tarun Samanta: work on Commons, some advanced topis on Wikidata editing,  Wikisource
       Tanay: Training related to Wikidata, advanced tools
       Shuvendu: templates in Wikipedia, how to give attribution while copying templates, learn about mapping, 
       Rajeeb: Session on Wikisource. grants and how to execute projects,looking to know how can CIS or Usergroup can help in conducting WikiClubs or any new Wikiprojects, like to conduct session on SVG
       Tito: On this call, we cant select agenda. from the comments above we need a knowledge sharing platform, we can discuss that in monthly meetup. these are not topic of TTT,  so can we change the name of the evnet as Wikitraining, the primary need is Wikisource and Wikidata
       Shuvendu: If there are specialized topics, then we dont need to be discussed. 
       Tito: this is training for people who conduct outreach, partnership etc. event will be named as per agenda
       Tarun: event should be based on community needed.
       Rajeeb: also, anything related to train the trainer, where I am more focussed.
       Tarun: as we have not joined TTT, we dont know, we can work on both part.
       Tanay: we should not mix both events, if it is training, then it should be training. If it is Mini TTT, then it should be training.
       Bodhi: Community 
       Jayanta: Sukanta told me in last meetup, that he doesnt know manything. I told him that, I will discuss about that in next meeting. 
       Jayanta: 1to1
       Tito: do community consultation, there is intensive personalized training program. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CIS-A2K/Intensive_Personalized_Wiki_Training
       Jayanta: weekend, Kolkata, I will be there
       Pinak: Commons
       Second topic:
           Pinak: working on articles on railway station in English Wikipedia
           Tarun: same
           Tanay: Sahitya Academy Award
           Jayanta: content release, Prbir Ghosh released 11 books,
           Tito: nothing, 
           Bodhi: on behalf of Tio: 1 million labels