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Bengali Wikisource 10th Anniversary Proofreading Contest[edit]


West Bengal Wikimedians User Group was recognized as a Wikimedia User Group on February 16, 2017 and immediately after its recognition, it got involved into action with the Bengali Wikisource community who were celebrating the 10th Anniverary of their project with a 7-month long proofreading contest from January 1 to July 31, 2017. The contest was thoroughly planned, 54 Public Domain Bengali books were selected for the participants to proofread, Officials of CIS-A2K and Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter were requested to deal with distributing prizes to the winners and Wikimedians with technical expertise from different communities were approached to build a user-friendly statistics generation tool for the contest. 54 people enrolled for the project, among them more than 90% participants were completely new to the project and 34 of them actually proofread for the contest. A SQL Quarry, developed by Malayalam Wikimedian Viswaprabha along with a previously built tool by Italian Wikimedian CristianCantoro, were used simultaneously to retrieve and refine the result of the contest. The necessary informations of the winners of the contest were collected and sent to CIS-A2K and Wikimedia Bangladesh representatives to distribute the prizes.

The Outcome of Bengali Wikisource 10th Anniversary Proofreading Contest

Wiki Loves Butterfly[edit]

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Wiki Loves Butterfly (WLB) is an ongoing WMF-funded project led by Bengali Wikimedian Ananya Mondal and a team of dedicated volunteers and lepidopterists from West Bengal. After the successful completion of the first phase, the project is now in its second phase ,which will end in March 28, 2018. Apart from photo-documenting and identifying live butterflies in the wild to the sub-species level with an extremely perfectionist attitude in different parts of West Bengal, the team members were actively involved in uploading the images to Commons, creating Wikipedia and Wikispecies articles, creating items or adding statements in Wikidata, organizing edit-a-thons and photo-walks and engaging experts in this field. The user group has always tried to support and promote this project both online and offline, by providing new ideas, informing about necessary tools, creating new external identifier property (Indian Foundation for Butterflies ID) in Wikidata and adding the entire dataset in Mix'n'match tool, requesting WMF bloggers to post about the project etc.

The Netherlands and the world - Chinsurah[edit]

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group collaborated with Wikimedia Netherlands chapter in their The Netherlands and the world project to document Dutch colonial heritage in Chinsurah, West Bengal. The volunteers of the user group photo-documented the Dutch Memorial monument of Susanna Anna Maria and all graves at Dutch cemetery of Chinsurah for 3 days and uploaded nearly 1600 images to Commons. Each and every graves were photographed, Wikidata entries were created for all identified persons buried in the Dutch cemeteries including addition of Find a Grave memorial ID external identifier property, their graves were geolocated, genealogy of some of the buried persons were explored and books related to Dutch Bengal were uploaded for English, Bengali and Dutch Wikisource. A new external identifier property (Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah person ID) was created in Wikidata and the entire dataset was added in Mix'n'match tool.

Documenting Brahmo Samaj Cemetery-Nabodebalay[edit]

Strategy Meetup - Cycle 2[edit]

Wikipedia Commons Orientation Workshop with Framebondi[edit]

Wikidata workshop, Kolkata[edit]

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group organized the first ever Wikidata workshop in Kolkata on 16 and 17 September, 2017. Asaf Bartov, Senior Program Officer, Emerging Wikimedia Communities, Wikimedia Foundation was requested to conduct the event in Kolkata and other Indic communities subsequently joined hands to organize the workshop in their states. We are extremely thankful to Asaf as he came all the way to India from opposite side of the planet to keep our request and travel in different parts of the country following a tiring and hectic schedule. We are also grateful to CIS-A2K for handling the hotel reservation of Asaf and approaching West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences authority to provide venue for the Kolkata workshop. The details of the discussion of the workshop is in this Etherpad link.

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VII[edit]

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Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VII (WTK VII) was the seventh edition of the one-day photo scavenger hunt Wikipedia Takes Kolkata event which is held almost every year in the city of Kolkata. Planned by Wikimedian Sumitsurai, WTK VII happened in and around the Burrabuzar area of Kolkata on 12 November 2017 with 9 participants, covering 14 heritage destinations. The user group supported the event by reimbursing the expenditure.

Wiki Explores Purulia[edit]

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Wiki Explores Purulia was the fist attempt by the user group to document the areas systematically outside Kolkata. Although having a rich historical and cultural heritage of thousands of years, Purulia district is negligibly represented in different Wikimedia projects. The district of Purulia was prioritized for this project as the historical places and archaeological sites are extremely neglected by the concerned authority and some of them are already destroyed or in the verge of obliteration. Wikimedians cum travel-writers Sumit Surai, Amitabha Gupta and Rangan Datta, joined by a terracotta enthusiast Suvadip Sanyal, a new potential contributor, started the project on 17 November, 2017 and after traveling 675 kilometers in 4 days, covered 22 archaeological sites of the district and uploaded more than 350 images to Commons till date. The user group supported the project by providing funds, helping the new user to show the way to contribute in Wikimedia, categorizing the images and in other ways. Wikidata entries and Wikipedia articles will be created very soon.

Bengali Wikisource 10th Anniversary Celebration workshop[edit]

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Bengali Wikisource on December 10, 2017 at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. The event started with honoring Dr. Hrishikes Sen, a prolific Wikisource editor and administrator of English and Bengali Wikisource. He conducted a detailed workshop on basics of proofreading books in Wikisource and discussed thoroughly about copyright laws and issues. Satdeep Gill, Community Outreach Coordinator (India), Wikimedia Foundation also attended the event and delivered a short presentation on how to increase readers for Bengali Wikisource. The user group is planning to work on some of the ideas which came up during the following discussion. The event ended with a cake-cutting celebration.

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VIII[edit]

Wiki Explores Bishnupur subdivision[edit]

Wiki Explores Bishnupur subdivision was a four-day event to document the archaeological and historical sites of Bishnupur subdivision situated in the district of Bankura in West Bengal, planned and executed solely by Suvadip Sanyal. He covered 16 historical places in this area, most of which are under-represented in Wikimedia sites and uploaded more than 1600 images of temples, statues and terracotta relief works etc. till now. West Bengal Wikimedians User Group provided him with necessary funds, informed him about uploading tools, created proper categories for the images and helped in other ways. Wikidata entries and Wikipedia articles will be created soon.