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Wiki-Smart Humanity

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Wiki-Smart Humanity.WISH
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the World

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Imagine a world in which every human feels both the ownership of Wikimedia projects and belonging to the Movement.
Wikimedia world is about human in the center with whole of the world's knowledge within equally easy reach.

Wikimedia movement committed itself to achieve a world, where every human being freely shares in the sum of all knowledge. To achieve that we need everybody to become a Wikimedian.

Wiki-Smart Humanity or (WISH) is about systemic efforts to get individuals, organizations and whole regions to engage actively into helping make this dream a reality.

This will only happen if we find a way to satisfy expectations of all of our diverse global Wikimedia stakeholders and movement partners at municipal, regional, country, intergovernmental, various NGOs or business levels.

They have the right to expect us:

  • to be moving towards a balanced representation of anything and everything,
  • to provide them with a way to measure our progress, visualize differences to support us in reaching our objectives.
  • to demonstrate successful use cases in every domain, country and project.

We do that initiative by initiative, collecting various statistics and publishing in Multilingual Wikinews. And we rely on the best practices shared by our wiki-partners.

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