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Suggest a topic

Suggest a hearing topic that should have a new Wikipedia article, or where an existing Wikipedia article needs to be expanded or corrected.
  1. Go to the Wikipedia Requests platform and type the name of the article to be improved or created, then click "Go".
  2. For existing articles, list changes that should be made to the article, including references. For new articles, write a brief description of the topic and include references that can be used.
  3. Important! In the "WikiProjects" box, add a line that says "Wiki4WorldHearingDay", otherwise it won't show up in the list!
  4. Note: sometimes the platform gives an error after you submit, but it probably was successfully submitted anyway. Check to see if the request showed up here.

Want to see a list of suggestions for high-priority articles to edit across multiple languages? Check out our worklist!

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