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This is the Wiki99 list for LGBT+ topics. Please visit Wikimedia LGBT+ for general support on LGBT+ issues in Wikimedia projects.


Wiki99 is the idea to have a list of about 99 Wikipedia articles which should be translated into as many languages as possible in order to establish common understanding in a field. The 99 articles should include defining concepts which are less related to any particular culture, and also cultural concepts which promote international diversity of thought in a field.

Please seek to keep this list internationally diverse without focusing on too many cultural concepts, biographies, or events from any one region. It is preferable to include representative articles from as many cultures as possible in this list, while still keeping the list count to about 99.



  1. Agender
  2. Asexuality
  3. Bear
  4. Bi-curious
  5. Bigender
  6. Bisexuality
  7. Butch and femme
  8. Cisgender
  9. Cishet
  10. Cross-dressing
  11. Drag king
  12. Drag queen
  13. Femminiello
  14. Gay pride
  15. Gay village
  16. Gender binary
  17. Genderfluid
  18. Genderqueer
  19. Heteronormativity
  20. Hijra (South Asia)
  21. Homosexuality
  22. Intersex
  23. Intersex human rights
  24. Kathoey
  25. Lesbianism
  26. LGBT
  27. LGBT rights by country or territory
  28. LGBT social movements
  29. Material feminism
  30. Muxe
  31. Pansexuality
  32. Pride parade
  33. Queer
  34. Same-sex marriage
  35. Same-sex relationship
  36. Sexual orientation
  37. Third gender
  38. Trans man
  39. Trans woman
  40. Transfeminism
  41. Transexuality
  42. Two-spirit
  43. Women's rights
  44. homosexual behavior in animals (Q598540)
  45. Biphobia
  46. Closeted
  47. Conversion therapy
  48. Corrective rape
  49. Don't ask
  50. Homophobia
  51. Lesbophobia
  52. Transphobia
    Sex and health
  53. AIDS
  54. Anal sex
  55. Clitoris
  56. Condom
  57. Dental dam
  58. Dildo
  59. HIV/AIDS
  60. Personal lubricant
  61. Safe sex
  62. Sex assignment
  63. Sex education
  64. Sexual intercourse
  65. Sex reassignment surgery
  66. Sex reassignment therapy
    Culture-specific concepts or activism
  67. Celebrate Bisexuality Day
  68. Gay bar
  69. Gay liberation
  70. Homophile movement
  71. Intersex Awareness Day
  72. Kinsey Reports
  73. List of LGBT bookstores
  74. First homosexual movement
  75. LGBT History Month
  76. LGBT in Islam
  77. LGBT symbols
  78. National Coming Out Day
  79. Same-sex marriage
  80. Sodomy / Sodomy law
  81. Transgender Day of Remembrance
    North America
  82. Ball culture
  83. Castro District
  84. Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010
  85. Dykes on Bikes
  86. Friend of Dorothy
  87. Gay Liberation Front
  88. Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, U.S.
  89. Millennium March on Washington
  90. National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights
  91. National Equality March
  92. Stonewall riots
  93. Stonewall National Monument
  94. Vogue (dance)
    Latin America and Caribbean
  95. homosexuality in pre-Columbian civilizations (Q5474808)
  96. Homosexuality in ancient Peru
  97. Different from the Others
  98. Harden–Eulenburg affair
  99. Homomonument
  100. Homophile movement
  101. Institut für Sexualwissenschaft / Scientific-Humanitarian Committee
  102. Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  103. Paragraph 175
  104. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code
  105. Lesbian Feminist Circle
    North America
  106. Public Universal Friend
  107. FemalePink.svg Audre Lorde
  108. Blue Mars symbol.svg Bayard Rustin
  109. FemalePink.svg Billy Jean King
  110. FemalePink.svg Ellen DeGeneres
  111. Blue Mars symbol.svg James Baldwin
  112. FemalePink.svg Judith Butler
  113. FemalePink.svg Christine Jorgensen
  114. Blue Mars symbol.svg Ricky Martin
  115. Blue Mars symbol.svg Harvey Milk
  116. FemalePink.svg Octavia Butler
  117. RuPaul
  118. Blue Mars symbol.svg Matthew Shepard
  119. Blue Mars symbol.svg Walt Whitman
  120. FemalePink.svg Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
    Latin America
  121. FemalePink.svg Gabriela Mistral
  122. Blue Mars symbol.svg Pedro Lemebel
  123. FemalePink.svg Claudia López Hernández
  124. Blue Mars symbol.svg Juan Gabriel
  125. Blue Mars symbol.svg Manuel Puig
  126. Blue Mars symbol.svg Jaime Bayly
  127. Blue Mars symbol.svg Alexander the Great
  128. Blue Mars symbol.svg David Bowie
  129. Blue Mars symbol.svg Elton John
  130. Blue Mars symbol.svg Federico García Lorca
  131. Blue Mars symbol.svg Freddie Mercury
  132. Blue Mars symbol.svg Ian McKellen
  133. Blue Mars symbol.svg Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
  134. Blue Mars symbol.svg Magnus Hirschfeld
  135. Blue Mars symbol.svg Michel Foucault
  136. Blue Mars symbol.svg Sergei Diaghilev
  137. FemalePink.svg Martina Navratilova
  138. FemalePink.svg Sappho
  139. Blue Mars symbol.svg Vasily Nijinsky
  140. Blue Mars symbol.svg Rudolf Nureyev
  141. Blue Mars symbol.svg Alan Turing
  142. Blue Mars symbol.svg Oscar Wilde
  143. Blue Mars symbol.svg Louis-Georges Tin
  144. FemalePink.svg Monique Wittig
  145. Blue Mars symbol.svg Zheng He
  146. Blue Mars symbol.svg Yukio Mishima
  147. w:Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

A major challenge with this list is international representation of biographies and concepts. There is a bias in LGBT+ discussion and history writing to present topics from the English-speaking world and certain Western countries. If anyone has a topic to share from outside Western discussion, and which would be good to promote for translation into every language as part of an international shared LGBT heritage, then please add the idea to the list.

The general idea is to have initial discussion in English as a common language, but then to translate the shared list into other languages so that everyone can share in the common LGBT+ culture and stories. The project works better when there is more cultural diversity presented in all of the listed topics.