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WikiAfrica Education

WikiAfrica Education is a platform of empowerment launched by the Moleskine Foundation, which amplifies voices from Africa to reflect the rich and valuable history, languages, people and communities of the African continent. The overarching objective of the project is to strengthen the content, networks and support systems for young Africans to become knowledge producers with a higher sense of identity, agency, and ownership so to inspire a new generation of creative thinkers.

We believe the program is important because of three main reasons.

For identity; presenting a reflection of African knowledge and experiences matters for not just Africans, but facilitates social cohesion by serving all those who wish to inform themselves about the vast array of African cultures and experiences.

For knowledge; creating a repository of information on African history and culture that can empower Africans worldwide to be aware of their cultural heritage, history, and better understand themselves and their environments.

For language; for the preservation and use of African languages.

What We Do[edit]

To deliver the program, we run a series of innovative educational formats, the most popular of which is AfroCuration. AfroCuration is a cultural event which ties together a cultural theme and a large Wikipedia editing session in which articles are written, improved, or translated. AfroCuration events create a context of creativity, knowledge and activism, in which participants can then deliver on the aims of knowledge production. Please explore the following tabs for a summary of our AfroCuration events.

Our other educational formats include in-school workshops, a bursary program with selected education institutions, and public facing campaigns.

About Moleskine Foundation[edit]

The Moleskine Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing youth with educational tools and experiences that help foster critical thinking, creative doing, and life-long learning, with a focus on underserved communities.[1] We believe in Creativity for Social Change. A precondition of creativity is knowledge, and there is a surprising lack of information online concerning Africa. Also, this information is not available in African languages. This program is designed to address this in an empowering and meaningful way.

Find out more about us here.


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