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WikiArabia 2019/ISA Challenge

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WikiArabia 2019
                     Marrakesh, 4—6 October 2019

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Add structured data to files on Wikimedia Commons, about the beautiful city of Marrakech, using the ISA tool.

Participate now...[edit]

How to participate? Simply follow the steps below!

  1. Just try this! It is beginner friendly :-)
  2. You can play/participate on a mobile phone, or on a laptop or desktop computer.
  3. Go to https://tools.wmflabs.org/isa/campaigns/32/participate. Make sure you log in!
  4. If you prefer to use ISA in French, you can switch the language in the menu on top.
  5. Start writing down what you see in each image! Be as accurate/precise as possible and make sure to click or tap on 'Save' before you switch to a new image.
  6. Describe as many images as you like. You can skip images if you don't know how to describe them.

... and win a delicious prize![edit]

There is a small award for the most active challenge participants at WikiArabia!

  • The winners receive a selection of Dutch or Belgian cookies and candies from Sandra F.!
  • This is for the top three (3) participants of this challenge who attend the WikiArabia 2019 conference...
  • Who have added the most structured data to files about Marrakech via ISA, according to this statistics page.
  • The contributions will be counted on Sunday 6 October at 13.00. So make sure to do your edits before that time!

About the ISA tool[edit]

This campaign runs via the ISA tool, a new, simple tool to add multilingual structured data to files on Wikimedia Commons. It is beginner friendly!

ISA is a multilingual, mobile-first tool, that makes it easy for people to add 'micro-contributions' in the form of structured data (descriptions, captions, tags, etc.) to images that have been contributed to Wikimedia Commons.

Anyone with a Wikimedia account can use ISA, and can create campaigns in it. You can organize small tagging 'competitions' with ISA, just like this one at WikiArabia 2019.

ISA is a collaboration between Wiki In Africa, Histropedia, and the Structured Data on Commons project. ISA is not only an acronym for Information Structured Acceleration, but is also a chiShona language word for 'put' or 'place'.

More information[edit]