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Submission no. مداخلة رقم
Title of the submission عنوان المداخلة

Structured Data on Commons introduction and workshop

Author(s) of the submission صاحب المداخلة

Sandra Fauconnier

Username اسم المستخدم

SandraF (WMF) (work account) / Spinster (volunteer)

E-mail address البريد الإلكتروني

Country of origin بلد الأصلي


Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc. .الانتماء، إن كان (مجموعة، مؤسسة الخ

Program Officer for GLAM and structured data at the Wikimedia Foundation

Type of session نوع الجلسة


Language of session لغة الجلسة


Length of session مدة الجلسة

60 or 90 minutes

Theme of presentation موضوع الجلسة

Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons

Abstract ملخص

In 2017-19, the most radical change on Wikimedia Commons takes place since its inception: Commons is converted to structured, machine-readable data (mainly powered by Wikidata and by its software, Wikibase).

This update has been a long-time request from the Commons community. It will make it much easier to view, search, edit, organize and re-use Commons files, and will finally make Commons truly multilingual.

Without structured data, media files on Commons have usually been difficult to find, translate, and describe. Structured data will change that for the better. With structured data, media can be provided with descriptions in any language, and Commons can be searched in any language as well. And as descriptions of media files on Wikimedia Commons become strongly interlinked with Wikidata, we will be able to enrich and connect them with a structured knowledge base that properly describes the full richness of cultures around the world.

In this workshop, we will look at the new features that are now present on Wikimedia Commons: multilingual captions for files, and structured metadata from Wikidata. Participants will learn to upload, improve and translate this data themselves. We will work with concrete examples of files from the Arabic world, preferably photos that participants have taken themselves and/or files that have been contributed in GLAM-Wiki projects.

What will attendees take away from this session? ماذا سيستفيد الحضور من هذه الجلسة؟
  1. Attendees will understand what structured data on Commons is, and how it works
  2. Attendees will know how to edit and translate structured data on Wikimedia Commons
  3. Attendees will have a general idea of how structured data on Commons can be used in GLAM-Wiki projects
Will you attend WikiArabia if your submission is not accepted? هل ستحضر لويكي عربية إذا لم يتم قبول مداخلتك؟

Not sure yet

Special requests طلبات خاصة

Structured Data on Commons is currently under development and will be deployed fully in early 2019. It is still a bit uncertain how 'mature' everything will be in April, by Wiki Arabia 2019, so the contents and focus of this workshop will be adapted to the situation around that time :-)

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