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WikiArabia 2019
                     Marrakesh, 4—6 October 2019
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This is the submission page where you can submit your proposals. The main theme of WikiArabia 2019 is Wikimedia and the local communities.

Submission deadline[edit]

The deadline for submitting proposals for WikiArabia 2019 was 30 November 2018. The submission is now closed!

Required information[edit]

During the submission process, you will be required to enter:

  • Contact information: name, username, email, country and affiliation, if any.
  • Session information: type, language, length, main topic, abstract.

Submission types[edit]

There are different types of session that you can submit for your proposal. These are the main types:

  • Talk
  • Workshop
  • Discussion
  • Panel (of 2 to 5 panelists)
  • Lightning talk (5 minutes)
  • Meet up

You can also propose your own type of session in the submission form.

Submitted proposals[edit]