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WikiArabia 2022/Submissions/En/Embracing Diversity,Equity and Inclusion

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Facilitators : Gbemisola Esho Time block : Start :
Location : Duration : I5-20mins
Description :

Why the Wikimedia Community should embrace diversity,eqity and Inclusion has this will foster faster growth in breadth and depth to the communities and movement.Diversity brings different colours and perspectives and enriches people and their experiences.It makes individual better and more knowledgeable people .Inclusion and Equity should be given a place in the space too whether disabled,physically challenged or otherwise .It is a basic human right and everybody

Theme : Accessibility of Wikimedia projects.
Key words : Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Notes :
Intended outcomes :

A call to action, Awareness of the Challenge,A conscious shift in mindset and Movement to continuous action to embrace DEI.

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