WikiCite/2020 Virtual conference/Introducing Wikimedia and Libraries User Group and WikiCite

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Open citations & linked bibliographic data | 26-28 October 2020 | #WikiCite

Part of Celebrating Wikidata's 8th Birthday | #WikidataBirthday

Introducing Wikimedia and Libraries User Group and WikiCite[edit]

13:00 UTC



WikiCite is a Wikimedia initiative to develop open citations and linked bibliographic data for the purpose of serving free knowledge on the Internet. This project allows the creation of a structured scientometric database on Wikidata under the free CC0 license. Credit for WikiCite goes to dozens of very engaged Wikimedia participants, hundreds of fairly engaged Wikimedia and non-wiki contributors, and 10,000 people who have made a working contribution to the project. Such a development provides equitable access to scientific and technical documentation throughout the world and raises several legal, scientific and social challenges in connection with the enrichment, maintenance, visualization and use of the free resource created. The WikiCite 2020 conference is organized as a discussion space allowing the exchange of ideas and the proposal of new directions for the proliferation of this project. Wikimedia and Libraries User Group is honored to launch a session to discuss directions for engaging librarians in the process of the creation of this free high-scale structured database for the representation of the international scholarly production including papers, books and patents.


Merrilee Proffitt (OCLC Research, United States of America) is a senior program officer at OCLC Research. She provides project management skills and expert support to institutions represented within the OCLC Research Library Partnership. Among her many projects is looking at developing better relationships between Wikipedia and cultural heritage institutions. Proffitt started exploring this connection in 2011, and in 2012 she created OCLC’s Wikipedian in Residence program. Along the way, Proffitt became a more confident member of the Wikipedia community, and she has contributed to dozens of Wikipedia articles and helped to run several edit-a-thons. She is a member of the GLAM US Advisory Group. She is a founding member of the Wikimedia and Libraries User Group.


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