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Title: Scholia as of November 2018[edit]

A poster on WikiCite and Scholia, given at SciDataCon 2018.


Scholia is a website and a Python package for displaying bibliographic and scientific information from Wikidata. It uses---as an entirely essential part---the Wikidata Query Service to query Wikidata data and to display the result in various forms: tables, charts, graphs and maps. Scholia caters to several needs: As a generator of researcher profiles, as a information discovery tool, as a scientometrics tool and as a tool for bibliographic reference management.

We have been developing Scholia since 2016. The development takes place under the GPL license on GitHub and the git repository has gained over 1000 commits. Among the latest developments are the display of research projects, events and geographical locations. For instance, Scholia will show co-author networks for authors associated with an event. We have also the ability to show related items based on so-called knowledge graph embeddings, citation information of works or time and place of events. Egon Willighagen has made several extensions of Scholia for RSS feeds and the display of chemical information.

Scholia has benefitted from the continuous expansion of WikiCite-related information in Wikidata. We see Schola as a knowledge-as-a-service component that uses Wikimedia information beyond an encyclopedia context.

We will show Scholia, particularly some of the new functionalities and discuss some of the issues that we have encountered.


Finn Årup Nielsen is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and Chairman of Wikimedia Denmark. Daniel Mietchen is a researcher at the Data Science Institute of the University of Virginia.

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