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WikiConference India 2011/Scholarship Coordination

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Anyone who really wants to attend the conference but cannot afford it monetary wise can apply. Your application will need to be very strong as there are few scholarships and many applicants. Do give information on what you have done on Wikimedia projects thus far/how you can help/how attending will benefit you or others. You don't need to be an experienced Wikipedia editor to apply (that is an added benefit), we encourage applications from newbies as well - their application should demonstrate their passion and enthusiasm and their reason for wanting to attend the event. Wikipedia is a Free and Open Knowledge base and people who support this in any way are encouraged to attend this conference.

The scholarship options are Full (Travel by 2 A/c or A/c Chair Car train to and fro Mumbai and stay in Mumbai on triple sharing basis in a budget hotel)/Travel Only/Accommodation Only/Special Needs/50% or 75% for those who can bear part cost and need us to bear part of it - Click Here to apply. Applications deadline is 15 August 2011 (end of day, IST).

Kindly read the Terms and Conditions before you reply.


  • Anisha Thomas
  • Naveenpf
  • Theo10011
  • Vickram Crishna


  • to work out modalities of scholarships
  • to ask for, vet & accept applications
  • to arrange for the in kind scholarship facilities in coordination with other committees
  • to help the scholarship guys get reimbursed where applicable

Types of scholarship[edit]

  • Full (Travel + Accommodation)
  • Partial (Travel only)
  • Partial (Accommodation only)
  • 50% of Costs
  • 75% of Costs
  • Special (for minors and disabled)

Scholarship for Speakers[edit]