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18:13, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
Title of the submission

Empower the Wikipedia Content Creators to make Money for their efforts.

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Abhijeet Goel

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Uttar Pradesh

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J P Morgan Chase

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Wiki Foundation is about providing free knowledge to the world.But what if people can make money by providing free knowledge to the world?

One possible solution could be..Collaborate wikipedia pages with Amazon sales Affiliate program or any other ecommerce platforms. Blogspot's already doing this.

Content developers can link few keywords with the products on Amazon,Ebay and users get a popup balloon as long as they have the mouse over the keyword. The content developers get a referral percentage for the sales made. Wikimedia foundation is about free information hence many people might have problem with the idea. But providing opportunities for content creators to make money for their creative work has always paid off. Apple App Store,Google Android Store,Unity App Store( -- transforming the way games are being made] are brilliant examples of successfully empowering and rewarding the content creators.And the benefit is more and better ones will come effortlessly. Remember difference between Napster and iTunes?

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