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WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/It's all about re-using & linking to the Wikipedia Content

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15:30, 15 August 2011 (UTC)
Title of the submission
It's all about re-using & linking to the Wikipedia Content
Type of submission (workshop, tutorial, or presentation)
It's a Presentation, which explains the topic in clear.
Author of the submission
Mohith Agadi
E-mail address or username (if username, please confirm email address in Special:Preferences)
State of your origin (Country, if you are not based in India)
Andhra Pradesh
Affiliation, if any (organization, company etc.)
Personal homepage or blog
Abstract (maximum 500 words)
The title of my presentation is "It's all about re-using & linking to the Wikipedia Content". I've planned this topic to be presented at the event, which can be helpful for bloggers, news/content website owners. The topic covers "re-using" (re-using the wikipedia content by using CC license as specified by the Wikipedia) and "linking to the wikipedia's" content (linking to the wikipedia's content will be a benefit to the reader (who needs more information on exact word or phrase). I may use PPT or Video slides at the presentation.
Track (Community/Knowledge/Outreach/Technology)
Will you attend Wikiconference if your submission is not accepted?
Of course, I planned to attend this event (i don't want to miss the opportunity to learn lots of Wikimedia things from the other contributors and authors. And I'm applying for the scholarship)
Slides or further information (optional)