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20:12, 19 October 2011 (UTC)
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Sport organisations fitting into the GLAM movement

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Wikimedia Australia board member, Australian Paralympic Committee Wikipedian in Residence

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Project planning: v:The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia
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Sport organisations are fundamentally cultural institutions, and have similar resources to many traditional GLAMs. They include libraries, image, video and sound collections, and insights into past and present culture. The purpose of this presentation and Q&A session would be to discuss, from the perspective of a Wikimedian in Residence, how sport organisations can fit into the GLAM movement. This includes why sport organisations would want to participate in terms of helping with their own mission, what sort of GLAM activities can be done, issues sport organisations may face when launching a GLAM project on WMF, cultural capital in terms of activating the community that the organisation represents, copyright issues related to donating media, the role of the Chapter and universities in terms of supporting the sport organisation and the benefits of having a Wikimedian in Residence. The presentation would be made by the Wikimedian in Residence for the Australian Paralympic Committee.

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My only reason to go to India would be for this presentation. A scholarship would be required. I would be attending from Canberra. I would require a visa for an American traveling to India.

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