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WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/Use the Power of Internet and MediaWiki

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10:07, 7 August 2011 (UTC)
Title of the submission
How to utilize the power of Internet and tools as MediaWiki to share knowledge, enable people communicate with no or least cost.
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Presentation and Tutorial
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Aditya Sachan
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Uttar Pradesh
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Larry Page did it with Google, so did Jimmy Wales with Wikipedia and Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook. Now even you can enable people around you to share their knowledge, communicate using easy Content Management Tools like MediaWiki, WordPress and many more. These tools don’t require any programming knowledge and anyone following very simple steps can build a website with no or least cost.

With CMS tools you can make a website to share knowledge, let people communicate with each other, discuss various issues and work together to find solutions to their problems. Such websites can also act as knowledge exchange medium, develop communal harmony, and help academic & social groups to use technology to develop and grow together.

Wikipedia and its sister projects like Wiktionary, Wikibooks etc. use Mediawiki to manage their data, allow users to share their knowledge and let users communicate. Also companies like Intel, Capgemini and many use MediaWiki to create platform for discussion among its employees and share new technical knowledge.

The use of CMS tools like MediaWiki is vast, imagine developing websites which can run on local intranet in colleges and allow students to share their knowledge, do discussions and take help in their studies. Imagine building a website for NGO’s where people can know about NGO workers, their contributions to society and people can make contributions and involve in NGO’s activities. Imagine building a website to let people know about various castes, societies, religions which will help them build communal harmony and grow together.

One can just imagine how many possibilities are there to help people integrate, share knowledge without any hassle, easily and at almost no cost. So come lets Heal The WORLD..and make it a better place to Live.

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Knowledge and Technology
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Yes and i have applied for scholarship
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