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This is an open submission for WikiConference India 2011.

05:36, 30 August 2011 (UTC)

Sambhaji S Sasane
Student's for Wikipedia

Wikipedia started as a encyclopedia for sharing information on web. It is still widely used as a reliable reference for research on people, places, religion and number of other subjects. Wikipedia is mostly perceived as an information giving site. There is a very small population of people who actually update the reliable information on Wikipedia. This is the backbone of the Wiki movement all over the web. We need to extract relevant information from our audiences. For that we have already taken a step ahead with the WikiMedia and other chapters that are spread across nations. We can't stop at that.

Though we have a very good reliable system of getting credible information in place I think we need to work on the following:

1) Getting Students on board

  - How do we go about it?
  - I will illustrate through my example of how i built a small movement in a slum area with students available there.
  - Students can be great resource of information and putting our word across to a mass population.

2) We also need credible information!!!!!

  - People have an assumption of Wikipedia that it has all the information.
  - We need to seek and market ourselves to improve Wiki as a whole.
  - We can't with a bunch of smart people create a huge rack of reliable information.

3) Invade Colleges

  - I will discuss in brief how a student can be influenced
  - How colleges can be our ground for catching our young contributors earlier?

Applied for partial Scholarship, Yes i look forward for presenting this at the Conference
Slides or further information (optional)