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11:24, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
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Wiki Localpedia

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Varun Mehta

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Wikipedia is the best and biggest internet encyclopedia. Interest and participation of people has increased in internet and information available on internet in last few years. Although Wikipedia serves as the first priority information hub, but there is lack of local information on Wikipedia such as information about small towns/villages and their related interest/issues. We also know that a huge % of India consists of local town/villages having huge amount of information about different issues.

This workshop would focus on developing a way to increase the participation of people for bringing and updating more and more local information on Wikipedia. We would concentrate on local communities. For this we would make involvement of schools, colleges, NGOs and other local non-profit organizations. We need to keep in touch with them through community participation, time to time workshops etc. In this way local Wikipedia would come in existence.

The local pages would contain information about related resources, history, interest, climate conditions, heritage spots, key people etc of local towns/villages. This local information can be used for different purposes like by Govt. organizations to have a basic knowledge of an area. These information can also be used by NGOs for different community welfare purposes. So with involvement of more local Wikimedians (local community) we would be able to create a useful local Wikipedia and which in turn would help make Wikipedia more reliable and resourceful.

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I have applied for the scholarship and would attend if scholarship is approved.

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