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13:05, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
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Aakash Sharma

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Size of wikipedia along with size of internet is growing at rapid pace. Searching and going through search results is keeping most of the people away from wikipedia. Disambiguation pages are helpful but not always.

Wikipedia is about getting useful information not searching and going through search results. Wikipedia is a clean/precise/accurate source of information.

This project is basically to help who don't wish to waste time in search but in the process, it also provides other benefits. It could be used by anyone. It’s just a way of simplifying anyone’s access to Wikipedia. It's a way to provide an easy way to read wikipedia articles about just anything.

  • It works on any device which has internet connectivity.
  • It makes sharing wikipedia articles easier.
  • It's accurate.
  • It could serve as platform for wikipedia articles[summary] via SMSes.
  • It could serve as platform for wikipedia articles via IVRs.
  • It saves the time wasted in searching and going through disambiguation pages.
  • It's simple yet powerful.
  • It's language independent.

The project is about

A 8-character case insensitive alphanumeric (A-Z,0-9) code for every Wikipedia article. It can target 2,821,109,907,456 (a few billions less than 3 trillions!!!)

One code for every object(thing). The same for it in English/Hindi or any other language. Similar codes for every image uploaded on Wikipedia.

You provide code and your language. If the article exists in your language, it'll provide you with that otherwise with the help of online translation services, provide a translated article in your language.


  • 8-character code makes Wikipedia portable offline and online. Anyone could take out/pencil down 8 character code and pass on.
  • It could serve as platform for getting information through SMSes, send code to a number and get the short summary of article as response.
  • It could also serve as platform for Wikipedia IVR system. User could select his language when [s]he calls for the first time and then say the 8-character code which voice systems could process and read the article (in geeky tone) or play the recorded voice (if that’s a future Wikipedia project).
  • W1k1-f13d code along with last modification date could serve as a way to publish/maintain offline wiki solutions.
  • Sharing information/articles would be as easy as sharing phone numbers.
  • In developing countries, where people don’t have 24x7 access to internet/emails, w1k1-f13d code would serve as an efficient way to collect & share their searches over SMSes, notes and other conventional ways.
  • With proper tie ups and support from businesses, promotion of w1k1f13d codes would help people to reach out to Wikipedia articles about everything without the use of very sophisticated image processing technologies. You wouldn’t require google goggle’s to view article about the city you are visiting or bridge you are viewing. Just enter the w1k1f13d code for bridge (if available on bridge on signboard) and you could read everything about it on its Wikipedia page.

Go through presentation for more.

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