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WikiConference India 2016/Finance

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WikiConference India 2016 (WCI 2016) is primarily funded by a grant from Wikimedia Foundation. WCI 2016 is bound to conduct the conference based on the terms and conditions of the grant agreement. As an institutional partner, Center for Internet and Society (CIS) will act as fiscal sponsor to handle the grant fund besides providing admin support for the event. WCI 2016 thanks CIS for offering this support. At this moment, the organizing team of WCI 2016 places the following protocol for handling the funds.


  • Any payment request needs to be authorized by at least one member of a team of 3 independent authorizers within 24 hours of the request being raised. If none is responding, a standby secondary authorizing team will authorize it within 48 hours. However, secondary team authorization should be an exception. These authorizers will not be from Chandigarh team.
  • Once WCI 2016 authorizers confirm the payment request, at least one member of the Centre for Internet and Society’s Access to Knowledge (CIS-A2K) team of 3 members will review and accept the request. If none is responding, a standby secondary review team will authorize it in 48 hours. Their job is to make sure that the documentation is in place and complies with CIS’ accounting norms.
  • Wherever possible, all payments to vendors will be directly credited to the vendor’s bank account.
  • All payments shall be online banking transfers. Cash handling should be an exception.

Duty of authorizers

  • To make sure the requested payment is within 10% variance of the budgeted line item for that expenditure as seen here.
  • To check proper documentation, invoice/quotation is available as scanned copies in a Google drive folder
  • To respond within 24 hours.

Duty of Chandigarh team

  • Parveer Grewal and Satdeep Gil will operate a separate bank account for conference related expenses.
  • To plan expenses well in advance within estimated budget.
  • Alerting the finance team well in advance if we need to modify budget or need additional funds. Budget changes need permission from WMF.
  • Maintaining proper records of expenses.
  • Updating costs online against budget line items
  • Posting original vouchers, quotations to CIS every week.
  • Raising payment requests through email well in advance to finance team and CIS team.
  • Minimize cash handling and do fund transfers online.

Duty of CIS team

  • Timely review and confirmation of payment requests
  • Following up with CIS accounts team to complete bank transfers in time
  • Intimate WCI finance team about CIS’ accounting practices and expectations.

WCI 2016 Authorizers (primary)

  1. Sanket Oswal (experienced as current treasurer, WMIN. Qualified as a CA student)
  2. Viswaprabha (Past Treasurer, WMIN)
  3. Santosh Shingare (Experienced in handling WMF grants)

WCI 2016 Authorizers (standby)


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