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Wikimedia SAARC Meet-up

SAARC Countries Representatives - Wikimedia Community Meetup - Wiki Conference India - CGC - Mohali 2016-08-06 8180.JPG
Date Saturday, August 8, 2016

17:15 to 18:15


Block 1 - Hall (1st Floor)
Contact Nahid Sultan, Yohann Thomas

Wikimedia SAARC Meet-up
The meetup Wikimedia SAARC aim to bring together Wikimedians from SAARC countries and plan for possible collaboration. It was in Berlin Wikimedia Conference, 2015, representatives of Wikimedia Bangladesh, India and Nepal chapters decided to create Wikimedia SAARC, a regional collaboration platform among Wikimedians from SAARC countries. It was felt that these regions have common history and tradition along with issues and problems, which can be addressed easily from this platform. This the 4th Wikimedia SAARC meet-up after Berlin.


  1. Nahid Sultan (Secretary, Wikimedia Bangladesh)
  2. Nurunnaby Hasive (Board member, Wikimedia Bangladesh)
  3. Moheen Reeyad (Board member, Wikimedia Bangladesh)
  4. Yohann Thomas (President, Wikimedia India)
  5. Sanket Oswal (Treasurer, Wikimedia India)
  6. Abhinav Srivastava (Board member, Wikimedia India)
  7. Jayanta Nath (Former Secretary, Wikimedia India)
  8. Rehman Abubakr (President, Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka)
  9. Dinu Sandaru Kumarasiri (Member, Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka)
  10. Biplab Anand (Member, Maithili Wikimedians User Group, Nepal)
  11. Tulsi Bhagat (Member, Maithili Wikimedians User Group, Nepal)
  12. Nilam (Member, Maithili Wikimedians User Group, Nepal)
  13. Drcenjary, Urdu Wikipedian

Primarily agreed agendas[edit]

  • A mailing list to be created (>> please see T143315
  • Wiki loves green project
  • SAARC conference timing: along with actual SAARC conference
  • Wikimania by Wikimedia SAARC
  • Joint statement from Wikimedia SAARC to the WMF
  • Inviting other SAARC countries to join

The above Primarily agreed agendas will be discussed after the creation of mailing list.