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WikiConference India 2016/Presenter guidelines

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WikiConference India 2016 Chandigarh


Welcome to WikiConference India 2016 at Chandigarh and congratulations on being selected!

We request you to follow these guidelines so as to help in the efficient organization of the conference.

IMPORTANT - In case you are not going to be able to present or are unable to attend the conference at Chandigarh, there is a possibility to present remotely. Please get in touch with the organisers at the earliest.

  1. Please check the date and time of your session on the schedule (check again on the day of the event, in case there is any change) - please note also the time duration allocated to you.
  2. In case you are sharing time with others in a common session or panel, please contact the other presenters well in advance and discuss how best you can share your time and avoid repetition of content.
  3. Case studies should not exceed 10 minutes.
  4. The conference includes participants from across the country (and beyond), and the de facto common language of the conference is English. If you like to present in an Indian language, please ensure that you can find a suitable interpreter who can be present along with you.
  5. Keep your PowerPoint/other presentations to a bare minimum - use it to complement your presentation, please do not use slides with a lot of text.
  6. Keep a copy of your presentation on a pen drive and a copy online as well. If you only need to show slides, it will be faster to use the laptop available on stage than to use your own laptop.
  7. Use an introductory slide that clearly indicates the aims and layout of your talk.
  8. Please stick to your timeline, make your case and keep out details that can be discussed with more interested listeners later.
  9. Keep some time aside for questions.
  10. The organizers in your room, session or panel chairs have the final say in matters of time-management, please cooperate with them.
  11. The conference is about getting to know each other beyond the Wikipedia usernames, so please indicate (or update) your full names, affiliations, and further details on your proposal page. If possible post links to your presentation, related materials and prior reading. You are encouraged to make your presentation pages more informative. Ensure that you log into meta to check any messages on your talk page.
  12. Please read and ensure that the code of conduct is followed by everyone. All panel chairs/ moderators are requested to follow Diversity and Inclusion guidelines.