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Adaptive Yoga & Rationalist Meditation System

Sweta Kahjwania [[User:Adaptive Yoga & Rationalist Meditation System 
Sweta Kahjwania|(Link)]]
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This is the first step to break the hypes created in the current health and wellness world in the different systems of the same knowledge that is confined to narrow principles this concept is about breaking the rules and building the most convenient ways that can be adopted by anyone in any conditions. It goes with the first step AAYAM (Advanced Adaptive Yoga & Meditation Techniques) with "Dont's" free Approach The abbreviations of the concept are one of the Hindi Words "Aayam" that means amplitude. This approach believes in restriction free practice, it doesn't intend to put round people in square boxes. The concept is based, simplifying the various meditative techniques, and has its root in the “Swara Vigyan” and their application in our life on both subjective and objective aspects. This has emerged because restriction attached to all forms of Meditation that devoid a larger community from practicing these. This has emerged because restriction attached to all forms of Meditation that devoid a larger community from practicing these.

Meditation doesn't compulsorily requires ambiance or a particular method, it is not a process it is as phenomenal as breathing. On the basic concepts of below two this practice is being developed. It describes about the basic forms of meditations and the simplest method of adopting the basics in life without disturbing your set routine.

First Part

1. Knowing Key Elements (Not Learning... Knowing) 2. Breathing unique differentiation 3. Observations - Anywhere anytime 4. Know your type (Based on categories by key elements Vat Pitta Kafa) 5. Matching Wavelength and frequency 6. Three Step Model of "AAYAM" a. KNOW YOU b. FEEL YOUR BREATH c. APPLYING SWARA ANYWHERE ANY TIME

Second Part

1. Knowing different approaches and their implementations Instant Tratak, Swara, Mindfulness, and more 2. Developing Custom approach 3. Personalizing of Adaptive Yoga & Meditation 4. Meditate while working and hundreds of other situations 5. Useful Tips

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