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Choice in Chaos

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“Choice in Chaos’ is basically a motivational talk for the benefit of anyone, particularly new editors, who may desire to contribute to Wikipedia. This talk is about my initiation as a contributor of English Wikipedia which began on 25th March 2005 while I was holed up in my apartment due to mild fever. While searching on Google for some information, Wikipedia cropped up and it spread a big canvas before me. And, thus began a journey which resulted into a wonderful way to be part of a really pro-active online community dedicated to creation of “sum total of human knowledge” as described by Jimmy Wales. Within a short period of time, within few months, I created a number of new pages and during the initial years of my rendezvous with English Wikipedia, I may have created around 500 plus new stubs of varying length covering a variety of topics and fields. My content creation probably attracted attention of the community of English Wikipedians and I was awarded an exceptional new comer barnstar on 22nd April 2005. Subsequently, within six months of my journey as a Wikipedian, in the month of September 2005, I was entrusted with the responsibility of being one of the administrators of English Wikipedia. I continued for few years like a knowledge warrior on the large field of English Wikipedia.

Few weeks before, I was evaluating a number of pages created by me. Their growth was amazing in a number of instances. Moreover, I also found that similar pages exist in many other Wikipedias. However, I notice that a number of topics on which I created pages in English are yet to find place in Wikipedias of other languages of South Asia, particularly India.

I propose to share, on a sample basis, names of pages pertaining to specific regions of India/ nearby countries and their absence in Wikipedia of the language spoken in that particular region/ country.

While submitting complete write-up within next few days, I shall present more details.



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