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How to prepare yourself for a workshop.

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Workshops are of different types (Wikisource workshop, Wikipedia workshop , Photowalk etc.) and for each of them, we have to prepare ourselves in a different manner. Here I will say on How to do Pre-work before the workshop , post or follow up of the workshop and I will also share the success story of the Puri community.

A Wikipedia training workshop happened in December 2015 at Puri, follow up work through on-wiki involvement , Whatsapp group, Hangout sessions resulted in bringing 12 active editors on Odia Wikipedia of which 5 are female Wikimedians. Regular follow-up also encouraged community members in doing new meetups, editathons, workshops and they are also documenting a 1000-year-old custom on Wikimedia Commons.



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Please note that your submission is included as part of a panel on workshop conducting - how-tos. You may need to work with other panelists to narrow your topic and share the time available in discussion with the panel leader.

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