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How we built Odia-script encoding converters and expand Wikimedia projects

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Font encoding issue has been a big barrier in the path of the globalization of different Indian languages. With small technical efforts, we have tried to win the battle with legacy fonts. We have developed a font converter, improved it and by the virtue of time and effort we have reached a point where we can see a converter which consists of more than 4 font conversion facilities as well as a responsive and modern look. From a stage where we thought that the converters are of no use, now many newspaper agencies, online users are contacting us to use the converter. The converter has been used in regular basis for conversion of data from newspaper to use on Odia Wikipedia. Some books have been completely digitised in Odia Wikisource using this converter. We think this small technical contribution is really a success for us. So we want to share our success story. We hope there are other Indian languages who are facing the same issues. We are also interested in helping them if they express their interest after checking this converter.

I’ll present a Power Point Presentation, a very short video displaying how this converter works and another video in which a user sharing her experience.
The overall time of this presentation will be around half an hour.( 20-25 minutes presentation for 15-20 slides with video and then question answer).



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