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Organic & Inorganic Growth of Wikipedias of South Asian Languages

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This session is visualized as some sort of Unconference wherein participants shall discuss strategies for organic and inorganic growth of Wikipedia of their respective languages. To begin with the concept of organic growth and inorganic growth as applicable to a business entity shall be discussed in brief including their respective advantages and disadvantages. Thereafter, possibility of applying the two concepts for the growth of Wikipedias of South Asian Languages will be discussed.

It is proposed to present certain points for organic and inorganic growth of Wikipedias of South Asian Languages. Participants shall be requested to refine, evaluate and add more such points.

The objective is to formulate a strategy for adding as many content pages as may be possible to Wikipedias of South Asian Languages to expand their content. At the same time, it should be one of the objectives to elevate the content of some select articles to “high standard” and continue to follow the same spirit for all other pages.


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