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QRpedia an Alappuzha Model

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Erfan Ebrahim Sait [[User:Erfan Ebrahim Sait|(Link)]]

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Lightning Talk

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QRpedia a mobile web sytem which deliver Wikipedia articles to its users using QRcode. This system decodes a QR code into a URL which is connected to Wikipedia article. When a person scan this particular QRcode, he can access the wiki article of that particular subject which the QRcode is embed. By this way he can easily understand / read the discription which is in the corresponded wiki page.

A group of Malayalis on the internet is digitising these slices of history on to Wikipedia in what could be a first for an Indian city. The Malayalam Wikipedians, as part of the world-wide Quick Response (QR) Pedia initiative, have commenced groundwork on an ambitious project where information on about 150 locations of prominence in Alappuzha will be collected and digitised as QR codes into boards to be placed at the locations. A visitor can use the QR code reader on his or her smartphone to read the code and through the internet, be directed to the Wikipedia entry – in English and Malayalam – on the location, complete with leading routes and geo-codes. The visitor can also capture the QR code on the board in a photograph and download it on to a computer with an internet connection; the code will lead the user to the Wikipedia entry.

This presentation is about that, how it is successfully implimented in Alappuzha and how we can make this project to other language Wikipedia / or in India.



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