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Automated Vehicle information system[edit]

  1. In bus stops there will be a display about bus timing, but there may be a delay in that bus timing.
  2. Some bus may get breakdown. So that trip may be cancelled.
  3. This will spoil the precious time of the passengers.
  4. Few buses are overcrowded and some other buses are having empty seats
  1. Automated vehicle information system will display the following informations.
  2. Approximate arrival time,
  3. Available number of free seats in the bus,
  4. Trip failure bus information also will be displayed
  5. When the bus catches fire, this system will warn the passengers in the bus and the water sprinkling system will be initiated to control the fire
I published this paper on Journal.

Smart Traffic Signal[edit]

  1. In cities most of the road junction points have traffic signal. These traffic signals are consuming low power due to the usage of LED indicators. They are powered with EB lines. So, when the supply is failed the signals are not working. This causes for the congestion in the road crossing. Accidents are possible due to this. Emergency vehicles like ambulance are getting affected due to the congestion.
  2. Few persons are violating the traffic rules. They are passing the road when the RED signal is on.
  3. In few road junction points the traffic signals are not functioning due to the requirement of traffic police to operate the signal control unit at there.
  1. If the solar powered signals are used, the first problems can be solved. The signal indicators are using low power. So, the implementation of the solar power supply for this purpose is easy.
  2. Surveillance camera can be used to sense the registration number of the vehicle which is violating the traffic rules.
  3. Timer based traffic signals have been implemented in few crossings, remaining junction points also can be enabled with timer based signals.

Automated E - Payment Centre[edit]

  1. Online payment method is supported by many venders. E-recharge, E-bill payment, E-Tax payment are available in the internet. But most of the people don’t have the internet facility or don’t know to use the E-Payment method in internet.
  2. Because online payment seems to be complex and intruders attack also possible.
  3. The user may not get clear idea about the process.
  1. Automated E-Payment Centres can be implemented like ATM centres.
  2. The user has to select the payment for which he is proceeding.
  3. Regarding to that selection the options will be provided.
  4. After getting the required details the he will be allowed to enter into the payment gateway using his Credit or Debit card.
  5. Due to this specialized machine the complicated process can be made easier.

Agriculture related issues and solutions[edit]

  1. The labour charge for the works in the agriculture field is seems to be high when the yield is low.
  2. Free electricity for the agriculture is wasted
  1. Automation in the agriculture is required, Automatic plant irrigation system can be used
  2. Drip irrigation can be used



  1. Most of the people are required to wait for admission in the government office like Taluk office (Eg. For applying Family card).
  2. The procedure to approach the process in these places are unknown to the people.
  3. Due to this precious time is getting wasted
  1. E-Governance method can be used to avail the facility for the people to deal everything in the online or by using mobile applications.
  2. Payment for the process also can be done through online.
  3. Few people may not know to use these facility, they don’t have the experience to use online applications and mobile applications. So, few service centres can be functioned to avail these facilities.


  • Most of the former don’t know about the disease in the plant and remedies
  1. E-Governance can be used for the agriculture. Website or mobile application can be created for this purpose.
  2. The informations like
  • Name of the plant,
  • Possible problems in the plant,
  • Types of problems,
  • Sub types of problem,
  • Symptoms and Remedies Will be fed into the server.
 In E-Governance method, In all languages and pictorial representation of the details has to be available

Health care[edit]

  1. Few private hospitals are charging more money from the patients. So, many new technologies are not availed for the middle class and poor people.
  2. Hotels are providing undelicious food to the customers.
  1. E-Governance can be used to reserve admission for the patients in the hospital. The fixed payment for the treatment has to be paid through online.
  2. E-Governance method can be used for first aid. The following details has to be provided in the server.

The health problem,

  • Its types,
  • Symptoms,
  • First aid details.
The hotels has to be inspected periodically.
  • Special website has to be provided for food safety issues and solutions.
  • The complaints about food safety will be registered through that website.

Digital Display for Advertisement[edit]

  • Advertisement banners are occupying much space in the important places.
  • A large size digital display can be placed for the replacement of multiple banners. This can be maintained by the government. Smart look and Good profit can be obtained from this.

Data Collection Using Raspberry Pi 3.0 and sensors using Python[edit]

  • Data acquisition for Home Automation.
  • A plot of the data acquired using the Raspberry Pi 3.0 and sensors programmed using Python. The data acquired can be used to make intelligent and educated responses for Home Automation.