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What we know about New (Wikipedia) Readers in India

The slides from "What we know about New Readers in India" - a 30 minute presentation at Wikiconference India 2016
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ZMcCune (WMF) + SGupta_(WMF) (Link)

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The goal of this talk is to better understand New Readers in India:

  • General internet usage habits
  • Needs for knowledge and information look-up
  • Awareness and confusions about Wikipedia
  • Language preferences

The talk will summarize 3 months of Foundation Research including phone surveys with 6,000 Indian participants, and 60 in-person interviews of internet users in Delhi and Chennai conducted in June 2016.

New Readers is a term for emerging Wikipedia users: people who are just beginning to use Wikipedia as well as people who have never heard of it.

The expected outcome of the talk is for attendees to understand how local community groups can better serve New Readers, and how the Foundation is working to extend the reach of Wikimedia projects in India.



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  • Slides from presentation