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WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/Wikiversity Journal of Medicine

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Wikiversity Journal of Medicine

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Wikiversity Journal of Medicine (www.wijoumed.org) is an open access, peer reviewed journal, without any publication cost to authors. It was created in 2014 in Wikiversity. Compared to conventional scientific journals, Wikiversity Journal of Medicine offers a greater transparency throughout the whole process, from peer review to final version. Wikiversity Journal of Medicine should basically function as a repository of evidence, similarly to the way Wikidata functions as a repository of data for Wikimedia projects. For example, Wikiversity Journal of Medicine can attract review articles which incorporate texts referenced by reliable secondary sources, so that the text can easily be incorporated in Wikipedia articles. Also, images in submitted works can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and be used across all sister projects.

It attracts authors who prefer to have their works published in an actual scientific journal. Authors should preferably write their submissions directly online in Wikiversity, but they can alternatively submit works confidentially by email. Volunteer editors then invite peer reviewers who are suitable for the subject at hand. Discussion about acceptance into the journal then takes place in the editorial board, which currently consists of 9 members.

A presentation of Wikiversity Journal of Medicine at Wikimania will be followed by current issues for the journal, including attracting authors to publish therein. Future prospects include having the journal articles accepted for MEDLINE indexing, which will make them searchable in PubMed. However, MEDLINE gererally requires the publication of at least 40 articles before they can accept a journal, further emphasizing the need for more articles submitted to the journal.

Another prospect of the journal is in constituting a model for which other journals may be created for other fields of study, such as biology or technology.

If the project expands, the journal may eventually be split from Wikiversity to become a separate Wikimedia project.

A draft for a PowerPoint presentation is located here: File:Presentation - WikiJournal of Medicine - WikiConference India 2016.pdf



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Your proposal has been accepted after some timeslots became available. You may also like to talk about this at OpenCon which deals with Open Access in Research.

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