WikiConference India 2023/Scholarships Criteria

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28 – 30 April, 2023
Hyderabad, India

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Scholarships Criteria[edit]

  • One of the key themes and aims of WCI is to strengthen the bonds while encouraging collaboration, diversity, and synergy within the community. Through various platforms, we encouraged everyone to apply for a scholarship to attend the conference. The criteria for consideration for a scholarship were based on impact across the movement.
  • We have adopted a points-based system developed in consultation with members of the Scholarships Committee.
Criteria Details
On-Wiki Contributions Assess the extent of contributions made by a Wikimedian online, these can include both content contributions (such as edits, articles, and uploads) and also technical contributions such as the development of bots, tools, and scripts that are helpful for editors in their work.
Community Engagement Assess the impact of a Wikimedian on community engagement and building. These activities may be on-wiki, including but not limited to, conflict resolution, leading policy changes on projects, engaging newcomers, etc. Additionally, these can also include organizing outreach activities such as workshops, campaigns, hackathons, etc.
Leadership Demonstration Assess the leadership demonstrated by a Wikimedian on a Wikimedia project, for a Wikimedia affiliate, or even in a community. Leadership can include an active demonstration of advanced rights such as admin, bureaucrat on Wiki, or leading a community in their growth.
Added Value to Conference Assesses the potential of the applicant to add value to the conference based on a response written to their motivation to attend the conference.
Special Points This category is used to award additional points to the Wikimedian if their contributions are outside the categories above. This category is used conservatively.
Engagement with Indic communities (only for International Applicants) A special criterion exclusively for Wikimedians who are located outside the SAARC region but are closely working with and on Indic language communities and projects.