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Logo Wikiconvention Francophone square ID : rencontre_Wiktionnaire Wiktionnaire Meet-up
Conférenciers : Noé Bloc horaire : dimanche matin Début : 11:40
Lieu : Atelier Durée : 30 min.
Description :

This is an informal meet-up with people interested by Wiktionary, a collaborative project about words and lexicography, aiming at building a dictionary of every words from every languages, with a description of the history of the words (etymology), pronunciations and senses (with thesauri, categories, annexes). This opportunity is here to discuss about individual plans and commons goals. To take stock of the situation and to talk about the incoming 15th anniversary up to come in March 2019!

  • Requisite: Being contributors or just readers with a will to meet people and hot topics in Wiktionary world.
Thèmes : Projets frères
Mots Clés : Wiktionnaire, Rencontre
Notes : #WikiConvFR18_rencontre_Wiktionnaire
Prochaine Session : Pause déjeuner


  • Meet people, because meetings always help to build new relations and to grow new ideas.
  • Introduce Wiktionary community to the newcomers.

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Picture taken in Lyon in September 2018, at the last meeting.

Participants intéressés (inscrivez-vous ci-dessous et posez dès à présent vos questions à l'organisateur de la session)