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WikiDonne User Group
Country codeITA
Legal statusAssociazione di promozione sociale (non profit)
Approval date7 November 2016
Main officeRome
Official language(s)Italian
Other language(s)English
Key peopleCamelia
Incorporation paperStatuto
ReportsPagina dei rapporti
Wikimedia Europe
WebsiteSito ufficiale
E-mail addresswikidonne(_AT_)gmail(_DOT_)com
Mailing listwikidonne(_AT_)googlegroups(_DOT_)com
Telegramgroup & @WikiDonneRoadmap channel
Facebookgroup & page

Logo WikiDonne User Group
Logo WikiDonne User Group

WikiDonne User Group is a group of users who work on issues related to women and more generally to diversity (territorial, cultural, linguistic, generational, gender, attitudinal and ability, etc.) within the movement wiki.


The main objective is to increase diversity of any kind and reduce the "gender gap" within Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement in general:

  • enrich the contents concerning women and non- and under-represented groups in Wikimedia projects (especially in Italian)
  • offering space and support to people who want to collaborate on projects
  • coordinating people in order to involve more women to write on Wikipedia and to improve the quality of the entries
  • creating events, meetings, edit-a-thons, conferences, campaigns aimed at raising awareness of women's biographies and issues and increasing the Wikimedia movement worldwide
  • collaborating with other groups that have our same goals: WikiWomen, WikiMujeres, Les sans pagEs, Art + Feminism, Whose Knowledge?, Wiki Loves Women, Wikimedia LGBT+ etc.


Awareness of the huge gender gap during presentations (especially by Rosiestep and FloNight) in Wikimania Esino Lario 2016, the idea of doing something was born. After the creation of WikiDonne project (4 August) for the participation in the HerStory editathon organized by May Hachem together with the UN (12 August), on 14 October 2016 Camelia begins the procedures for the recognition as user group affiliated to Wikimedia Foundation by AffCom. The group, based in Rome, has the following description:

We are a group of users who aim to increase diversity and improve the coverage of topics concerning women in Wikipedia, drawing up lists of entries (to be created from scratch, to be improved and translated) and organizing events. Men are always welcome, our intention is not to transform Wikipedia into "Donnepedia" but to make everyone aware of the reality of the gender gap in content and participation.

Camelia involves two other Wikimedians in the group: Beatrice and Susanna for inclusion as active users of the user group.

On November 7, 2016, WikiDonne is officially recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as an affiliate of the Wikimedia movement, with the code WDG.

WikiDonne UG managed the Diversity Space during Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm.


With the WikiDonne project in Italian Wikipedia and WikiDonne project in Wikibooks in Italian, WDG participate in the global project Women in red and the projects created by Iberoccop. WDG collaborate with other user groups to increase the content concerning the groups represented below (women, LGBT world, Africa, South America, Asia): Les sans pagEs for the insertion in Wikipedia of biographies of Mediterranean women, Art + Feminism, Whose Knowledge?, Wiki Loves Women; and with the chapters: Wikimedia Sverige and the Swedish Embassy in Rome for the Wikigap campaign, with Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia Switzerland and Wikimedia Deutschland. The Women in Islam project for women in the Arab-Islamic culture, Women in STEM (itinerant edit-a-thons) and Women and Shoah. To reduce the "gender gap" in Wikimedia projects, it collaborates with national and international bodies and institutions, organizing in person and online edit-a-thons in Italy and abroad, awareness of the problem of diversity in Wikimedia projects (launching campaigns such as Interwiki Women, Wiki Loves Sport, Wiki Loves Fashion, Bauhaus Women), introductory meetings to the wiki world, mapping days in Open Street Map. It provides free mini-courses in writing and encyclopedic culture to professional associations and schools, as part of the school-work alternation activity. The activities page in detail.

Strategy, recommendations and CoC

  • On April 4th, 2017, WikiDonne User Group adopted the Code of Conduct of the technical environments of MediaWiki for carrying out its activities on line and off line(in presence)
  • May 27, 2017 started a discussion on the Wikimedia 2030.
  • On 25 October 2020, discussions on recommendations and their prioritization began.


Per visualizzare le metriche - eventi organizzati, numero dei partecipanti, numero di nuove voci editate (nuove e migliorate), numero di fonti aggiunte, visualizzazione delle pagine ecc. - qui il collegamento al tool Dashboard.


For any information, enter a new section on the discussion page, subscribe to the mailing list wikidonne (_AT_) gmail.com or write directly to camelia.boban (_AT_) gmail.com.

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Right now we have a policy of maximum openness to anyone who wants to actively participate in our projects, but signing up to be part of the user group commits its members to fully accept and respect the Code of Conduct (CoC).

Any violation of these rules includes immediate expulsion from the group, as well as setting up membership through board approval

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