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#WikiForHumanRights 2021: Right to a healthy environment
Join us April 15-May 15 to celebrate Earth Day!

Write about human rights, environmental health and diverse communities impacted by environmental issues around the world!

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¿Cómo participar?

A continuación, encontrará información sobre cómo editar Wikipedia y posibles acciones de edición como parte de la campaña. También puede ayudar a la campaña:

  • Joining the WikiForHumanRights Challenge — ¡ayúdenos a escribir contenido en muchos idiomas y tenga la oportunidad de obtener pequeños premios para celebrar la campaña!
  • Communicate the Campaign! — Dejar que los demás sepan que la campaña está en marcha.
  • Join an Event! — ¡Aprenda más sobre los derechos humanos, el derecho a un medio ambiente saludable o cómo editar Wikipedia uniéndose a un evento!

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Aprender a editar

¿Necesitas ayuda para aprender a editar? Mira estos videos:

Asegúrese de incluir un hashtag en su resumen de edición para ayudarnos a rastrear sus contribuciones

Recommended ways to get started

Action Why? How
Add a citation about climate or environmental issues and human rights or climate justice Citations are important for ensuring that environmental or human rights topics remain on Wikipedia. Visit one of the articles identified in the list or in Citation Hunt (for Human Rights or for Climate Change)
Add a paragraph or section about Human Rights to articles environmentally destructive industries Extraction industries or other industries that are particularly destructive to the environment are frequently also industries with violations of the rights of local communities or workers. For example, the Cerrejón mine in Columbia has well documented human rights complaints. Identify a major site of extraction, industry or environmental pollution in your context.

Search for human rights, climate justice or environmental justice topics related to that site Add a “social impact” or “environmental impact” section to the article.

Add a paragraph or section about how humans in cities or towns are impacted by environmental issues, such as climate change, air pollution or water pollution by heavy industry and city management. Cities are a critical place where underrepresented communities -- from the Flint water crisis to cities in the Jharia coalfield or in heavily polluted contexts from Los Angeles to Lagos -- humans are on the frontline of environmental issues. For a list of cities see this English Wikipedia article.

Identify research topics for a city by searching concepts like “human rights”, “pollution” and “NAME OF CITY” to find a clear action. For example, “air pollution in Lagos” is not mentioned in the article on English Wikipedia. Look for an environment/environmental issues or health section of the article, and add information -- if not consider creating content there.

Add information about the right to a healthy environment to wikipedia articles about human rights, environmental issues or climate change Over 150 countries recognize a right to a healthy environment (you can see the list here). Drawing connections between country articles and the en:Right to a healthy environment will help readers see the connection. For example, on English Wikipedia the article about the South African Constitution has an explicit section about the right or the Colombian Constitution of 1991. Identify a topic:
  • For a list of Human Rights by Country articles see this Wikidata Query
  • For a list of Environmental issues articles (including by Country articles) see this Wikidata Query
  • For a list of Climate change by country articles see this Wikidata Query
  • Consider also, specific laws, constitutions or other legal bodies.

Search for materials about human rights and environmental issues issues listed in the articles.

Write a new article: recommended for experienced editors Writing a new Wikipedia article can be more complex -- if you are interested in doing this please make sure that it meets notability in your local wiki (i.e. 3 sources and lasting relevance on English Wikipedia). This is not a recommended task for newcomers. Identify a topic from the list of topics for the campaign or recommended by other communities.

Identify a missing article in your language and research and write it.

If you are a translator, consider using mw:Content Translation