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#WikiForHumanRights 2021: Right to a healthy environment
Join us April 15-May 15 to celebrate Earth Day!
Write about human rights, environmental health and diverse communities impacted by environmental issues around the world!
There is nothing like home :) Learn more about the challenge and how to enroll! Check the calendar! Follow the numbers .. Join the challenge Learn more about our partners
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Organize an event


We want to encourage editing across languages and contexts. To expand impact, organizers might consider:

  • Hosting a webinar
  • Hosting an Wikipedia editathon or editing workshop
  • Running a local wiki drive or contest
  • Recording expert feedback about a Wikipedia article
  • Try something else? add it to the list

If you need help please reach out to Alex Stinson astinson(at)wikimedia(dot)org and Michel Bakni M.mbakni-ctr(at)@wikimedia(dot)org. Please remember to evaluate your context in light of local COVID-19 protocols for events, consider using the WMF Grants COVID risk assessment.


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Webinar or digital event

Human rights topics are not always straight forward for a general audience of Wikipedians and activist audiences may need help seeing the connection between Wikipedia and Human Rights Communication. Consider running a webinar in conversation with an expert organization. Hosting a webinar includes: designating a topic, inviting guests, hosting the event, and sharing that on social media channels.

Let participants know about the event by reporting it: click here to add a row to event page with Visual Editor

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Wiki for human rights 2021 Edit-a-thon organizing flow chart.svg

To run an editathon, consider the following:

  • Identify if you want to run a human rights editathon as part of the campaign. If you are a Wikimedia organizer, make sure to discuss with your local partners and decide the venue and location.
    • If you don't have experience with editathon consider partnering with a local Wikimedia affiliate. If you need help please reach out to Alex Stinson astinson(at)wikimedia(dot)org and Michel Bakni M.mbakni-ctr(at)@wikimedia(dot)org.
  • If you have never run an editathon before, we recommend reviewing the the Programs and Events Dashboard training on editathons before developing the event.
  • Create a local wiki event page using the best practice for your wiki or community. Please use a tracking tool such as a Programs and Events Dashboard event as part of the Campaign. If you need help, see instructions below.
  • Let us know by reporting your event by adding a row to event page with Visual Editor
Other resources?

If you need help running an editathon, consider checking out:

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On-Wiki Campaign, Contest or Content Drive

Wiki for human rights 2021 On-Wiki Campaign organizing flow chart.svg

To run a local content drive:

  • Create a Homepage for the event on your Wiki (consider formatting it with your localized WAM template)
  • Create a page on your local wiki for letting people sign up and report their contributions. We recommend including:
    • A brief explanation for the campaign
    • A way for People to Sign Up
    • A place to report work that they did as part of the campaign
  • Consider using notices, contacting village pumps, social media, mailing lists and other tools that you usually use to invite people!
  • We invite you to think about ways of overlapping with other campaigns (e.g. Wiki love Earth), WikiProjects or programs (i.e. CEE Spring).
  • Let us know by reporting on the event list page with this link
If you need a rapid grant for prizes or swag, consider applying.
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Expert interview

Human rights, climate topics and other environmental issues topics are sometimes hard to navigate for non-experts. Several communities have been experimenting with various methods of collecting feedback from expert communities. In light of COVID, we recommend that organizers try recording.

Examples of this kind of organizing include:

  • Wikimedia DC tried an Expert protocol to collect feedback as part of the National Academies of Science editathon in January 2020
  • Wikimedia Switzerland and Écrire pour les droits experimented with expert consultations on missing information in migrant rights pages
  • Wikimedistas de Uruguay recorded a critical reading workshop with activists and experts on missing information about underrepresented groups and the environment for the City of Montevideo page as part of an editathon.

Recording a critical reading can also help with creating expert videos describing why certain topics are important as part of Wikipedia articles (for example, see this #Wiki4Climate newsletter by Scann (en español).

If you record an expert, report it on the event table.

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Other Resources

Here are some additional resources if you need help organizing. If you have questions, need advice or mentoring, or need support contact


Create a Programs and Events Dashboard event as part of the WikiForHumanRights Campaign. Make sure to pick an "Article Scoped Program".

Tracking "in scope" articles

To track contributions to the list of topics follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to the articles tab within the event you just created.
  2. Click on Add Petscan ID
  3. In another browser, Modify a Petscan Query:
    1. Go to Petscan ID 13015247
    2. In the Use Wiki section, pick your language Wikipedia in the last radio button and adding "enwiki" or similar.
    3. Click the "Do it!" button
    4. Copy the Petscan ID
  4. In the Programs and Events Dashboard, paste the PSID and click "Add this PSID"
  5. Add individuals who participate in your event to the campaign event, so we can track their participation and edits.


Do you need funding for your event? Rapid Grants are available, and will be prioritized for emerging communities. Please apply. Grants will be available during the entire window of March 1 - April 15 2021.

Working with Activists on Sensitive Topics

Human rights topics can be complicated to work on: they are both complex to write about and participants in events or activities may have strong emotional connections with the topics.

Wikimedia Argentina has been running events in several countries with activists working in Human Rights fields. They have developed a set of recommendations to keep in mind for your event:

English event kit for working with Human Rights activists.

Privacy and Safety

Working in Human Rights it's also important to pay attention to the safety of participants. Activist participants may be taking risks by being public. If you are concerned about safety at your event and want to learn more, we recommend taking this training and using the resources available on Commons.

If you have incident reported at your event, please share it with the Wikimedia Foundation's Support and Safety team: ca(_AT_)

Keep in mind the campaign schedule

Events of WikiForHumanRights 2021 Campaign
Language Event type Event Page Coordinator Date, time (w/ GMT)
and (optional) location
Tracking Page
(i.e. Dashboard)
Example Language Webinar COMING SOON Astinson (WMF) (talk · contribs) April 15 2021, 3 pm GMT NO TRACKING

To add your item to the list add a row to this table with Visual Editor.

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