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For more information about the 2019/20 campaign see 2020 archive page

#WikiForHumanRights 2021: Right to a healthy environment
Join us April 15-May 15 to celebrate Earth Day!

Write about human rights, environmental health and diverse communities impacted by environmental issues around the world!

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There is nothing like home :) Learn more about the challenge and how to enroll! Check the calendar! Join the challenge
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Every human being should have a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment to live in. Fortunately, the right to a healthy environment is recognized in one way or another in more than 150 countries worldwide.

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For #WikiForHumanRights, we encourage Wikimedia's and advocates to document on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia platforms the story of these rights which enable a safe and stable climate, healthy ecosystems, and a non-toxic environment: we can increase knowledge about the healthy natural systems upon which all people rely for the water they drink, the air they breathe, the food they eat and the resources they need.

Fulfilling the human right to a healthy environment empowers those most affected by environmental harms such as pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss to defend the environment, participate in decision-making, and access justice.

Like COVID-19, environmental degradation disproportionately affects different communities: including persons, groups and peoples in vulnerable situations.

Better knowledge about human rights and the environment, helps society recover from COVID-19: understanding the knowledge related to these topics will help communities around the world in decision making at all levels and will ultimately lead to a more effective and greener crisis response and recovery.

Join us to create content that connects human rights, a healthy environment, and diverse communities impacted by environmental issues around the world.

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How to participate?

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Editing actions

We need your help to cover topics on the right to a healthy environment. You can get started by:

Step 1: Sign in to your Wikimedia account
Step 2: Learn how to contribute for the campaign!
Step 3: Write about Human Rights topics from the list generated with UNOHCHR and UNEP
Step 4: Save your edit with a hashtag #WikiForHumanRights in the Edit Summary every time you publish changes

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Join the challenge or local event

Are you an experienced Wikipedia editor? We are running a WikiForHumanRights Challenge this year! Please join and earn small prizes!

Or see if there is an event in your language or context: Join events here!

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Help us communicate the campaign. Check out our communications kit
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Organize an event

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Are you part of a local Wikimedia community or part of an organization involved in human rights and the environment? We need your help to organize! You could:

  • Host a webinar explaining the right to a healthy environment to Wikipedia’s global knowledge mission
  • Record expert feedback about a Wikipedia article
  • Host an Wikipedia editathon or editing workshop
  • Try something else?

Learn more

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