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#WikiForHumanRights in the Igbo Community: Right to a Healthy Environment
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  • Entries are to be created on Wiki projects (Igbo Wiktonary, Igbo Wikiquote, and Igbo Wikipedia.) Before creating a new entry/page/article,
    • It is necessary to join the session oh 'Igbo Language Editathon'
    • select a word from the list or create words that don't exist on the Igbo Wiki projects
  • To create accurate entries, ensure that:
    • All pages/entries created on the Igbo Wiki projects should be in Igbo language
    • Pages and entries created falls within the scope (Environment health, human rights, pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, etc)
    • Create clean entries with proper headings and translations
    • Add Images and audio pronunciation to Wiktionary entries
    • Images and audio should be retrieved from Wikimedia commons
    • Link properly or ask for help.
    • Add category. See guide below:
      • To add a noun category on Igbo Wiktionary, use [[Category:Aha]].
      • To add subject categories on Wiki projects including Wiktionary,use these categories. For climate change use: [[Category:Mgbanwe ihu igwe]]
      • For environmental rights category use: [[Category: Ikike gburugburu ebe obibi]].
      • For human right category use [[Category: Ikike mmadu]]
  • The judging of the contest will be article-based, the contributors with the highest number of entries/pages accurately created will be awarded prizes.
    • The dashboard will be used to track edits of participants
    • The hashtag tool will be used to track edits too. Before you publish a created entry/page, ensure you add #Wikiforhumanrightsig2023 to your edit summary.