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This is a list of events that are being organized as part of the WikiGap campaign. If you are one of the local organizers, please help by adding your name and other information.


(Country or region)

City of event Date Contact person

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Link to event page
Global kickoff Global 8 March Eric Luth (WMSE) Ariel Cetrone (WMDC) Global kickoff
Albania Online 8 March Margott Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG
Armenia Online 7-14 March Armineaghayan WikiGap 2021
Austria - Germany - Switzer­land Online 19 March Manfred Werner (WMAT) Christine Domgörgen (WMDE) Lantus (WMCH) D-A-CH WikiGap-Workshop 2021
Belarus Online
8 March - 8 April
10 March
14 and 21 March
DobryBrat W Lesnas ättling be:Вікіпедыя:Праект:WikiGap 2021 Belarus,
be-tarask:Вікіпэдыя:Праект:Выклік Вікіпрагалу,
Cameroon 6 March Serieminou Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
Czech Republic Online 8 March - 8 April NataliaSzel WikiGap 2021
DRCongo DRCongo + Online 8, 19 March BamLifa WINEUR Yves Madika Wikimedians of DRC User Group/WikiGap 2021 in DRC
Egypt Online 8-14 March ولاء دنيا May Hachem93 WikiGap Egypt 2021
Georgia Online 8 March; Mehman97 Wikimedia UG Georgia
Greece Online 6 March - 8 April Magioladitis
Indonesia Online 1 - 31 March NRahmi (WMID) Dimas H (WMID) Bulan Wiki Perempuan
Italy Rome + Online 6 March - 11 April Camelia.boban WikiDonne WikiGap 2021
Jordan Online 9 March - 12 March عباد ديرانية Freedom's Falcon Mervat
Kazakhstan, Almaty Online 5 March - 5 May aselhan Ashim Tilektes Aigerim Kussaiynkyzy
Macedonia Online 15 November 2021 Ehrlich91 WikiGap Skopje 2021
Malaysia Online 25 March, 14:00 UTC+8 Tofeiku WAqil (WMYS) WikiGap Malaysia 2021
Malta Online 4 + 8 March Enrique Tabone Toni Sant Virtual meetup and Art+Feminism online editathon via Wikimedia Community Malta website (Google Meet) + Dashboard for A+F in Malta 2021
Mauritania Online 8 March - 8 April Chafei07 رحـمه Afek91
Morocco Online 18 - 31 March Reda benkhadra رشيدة رقي
Netherlands Online 6 March - 8 April DDJJ - Denise Jansen Internationale Vrouwendag 2021
Norway Online March Mali Brødreskift WMNO WikiGap Norway
Philippines Online 5 March Filipinayzd Maffeth.opiana MarvinBikolano WikiGAP: Closing the Digital Gender Gap, WikiGap on Tagalog WP, WikiGap on Bikol WP
Poland Online 12 March - 8 April Natalia WikiGap
Russia Online 8 March - 8 May Dmitry Rozhkov Ctac WikiGap 2021 Russia
Serbia Online 1-8 March IvanaMadzarevic Mickey Mystique Википедија:Уређивачки маратон поводом Међународног дана жена 2021.
Sudan new useres Taining 11 to 31 March Ola.mahadi WikiGap2021Sudan
Sweden Online 8 March MallaK79 Riktigaviklor Meetup page
Sweden Online 8 March Eric Luth (WMSE) Sofie Sigrinn Kvinnliga huvudpersoner på Wikipedia
Tunisia Online 8 February - 8 March Afek91 Yamen WikiGap Challenge 2021 Wikimedia Tunisia
Uganda Online 6 March - 8 April Kateregga1 Wikimedia_Community_User_Group_Uganda/WikiGap_2021_in_Uganda
Ukraine Online 5-21 March AntonProtsiuk (WMUA) WikiGap 2021 on UkWiki, WikiGap 2021 on UkWikiquote
les sans pagEs Online March TinnGO, Mediathèque of Suresne, Women in video games
multiple partners Online 11-14 March Fuzzyraptor
fr-wiki Online Month of MArch Tyseria 150 anniversary of the Paris Commune 1871 (with a list of women̈)
The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden Online 8 March Elisabet Tiselius Jan Pedersen Meetup page, invitation (in Swedish), theme Translation studies
United States Online 19 March Bridges2Information Shanluan Oregon State University, Stanford University & AfroCROWD: Free WikiData and Wikipedia Training & Edition to Close the Wiki Knowledge Gap on Women
United States Online 20 March RosPost,_2021#Before_You_Arrive

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