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WikiGap Challenge/2019/List

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WikiGap Challenge
March 8, 2019 - April 8, 2019
[Social media: #WikiGap_Challenge]

List of suggested articles to create, improve and translate

All articles about notable women are within the scope of the Challenge and you can claim points for improving them. If there is uncertainties ask your local organizer for help or add your question to the Discussion page. To inspire you organizers from around the world have provided us with a few suggested articles that they believe are inspiring and interesting for more people to learn from.

Polish Wikipedia

  • List with the articles that will receive +5points proposed by the organizer

Romanian Wikipedia

Ukrainian Women

Bikol Wikipedia

Tagalog Wikipedia

Russian Wikipedia

English Wikipedia (Sudanese Women)

Any Wikipedia (Swedish Women)

  • List with the article that will receive +5 points proposed by the organizer

Wikidata items to improve

Adding data

Please add useful data to the Wikidata items for the women listed above, which can include:

  • Basic biographical data such as: Date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death, occupation
  • An image
  • A Wikimedia Commons category
  • Reference(s) for each statement
Contest details
Contest details
List of articles
Participants & Scoring
If you have any questions about this writing challenge, please add them to our talk page.
See the continuously updated log for the event.