WikiIndaba conference 2017/Program

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DAY 1,FRIDAY[edit]

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:00 Walk in and registration
9:30 Welcome and Introduction
10:00 Icebreaker
10:30 Challenges and Opportunities in Africa Why Africa's Growth depends on Cross-Collaboration of Open Movements
11:00 Accra, we have a problem
11:30 The situation of African Language Wikipedias
12:00 Coffee Break
12:20 Round table - Challenges and opportunities - topic 1 Round table - Challenges and opportunities - topic 2 Round table - Challenges and opportunities - topic 3
13:30 Lunch
14:15 Round table groups share back
14:30 Introduction to New Readers project
15:00 Communication workshops How do you explain Wikipedia Storytelling: Get people excited about your project Conflict Engagement for Wikipedians
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Best practices for social media Storytelling: Get people excited about your project Conflict Engagement for Wikipedians
17:45 Wrap Up


Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:15 Partnerships Intro to Global Reach and Partnerships
10:00 Breakout: Community experience with and needs for partnerships Breakout: Community experience with and needs for partnerships Wikipedia Clinic
11:00 Community Projects JoburgpediA - How to run a sustainable Wiki town Wiki Loves Africa: Exhibition and Discuss its Future Lightning Talks
11:30 Wikis for cities or how to save a city collective memory Wiki Loves Women Phase 1 feedback session
12:00 Coffee Break
12:20 Energizer and share back from roundtables
12:45 Sharing partnership needs and solutions
13:30 Lunch
14:00 Capacity Building How to plan projects and get them funded -WMF Grants Referencing and Citation
15:00 GLAM / WIR Tools Showcase Education Program
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Kiwix/Wiki Fundi State of the Kiwix 2017
16:40 Intro to Wikifundi
17:15 Offline resources (Kiwix, WikiFundi, Global Reach,etc.) Creative Commons Licensing and the Open Community
17:45 Wrap Up

DAY 3 SUNDAY[edit]

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:00 Wikimanias (working on scholarship applications)
10:00 A Gentle Introduction to Wikidata for Absolute Beginners Talking to the press (Big room)
11:00 Contribution to Open Source Communities (Case Study: Wikimedia Foundation)
11:30 Academic Perceptions Of Wikipedia And Its Impact On Online Research AfroCrowd presentation
12:00 Coffee Break
12:20 Critical Issues Future of Indaba
13:00 A letter to Katherine
13:30 Wrap Up/Closure
13:50 Lunch

Night Activities[edit]

Wiki Akwaaba Night (Goethe Institut) - Thursday 19 January, 2017[edit]

This will be welcome night just as the name "Akwaaba" implies. It will be a networking forum intended to connect participants of the conference with the wider open community Ghana. It will be mostly a night of music, arts and dance. Partially targeted at the ongoing Wiki Loves Africa Campaign while providing a basis to network with others.

The event will take place at the Goethe Institut in Accra from 17:30GMT to 20:00GMT on Thursday 19 January, 2017

Wiki Night Out - Friday 20 January, 2017[edit]

As part of keeping the conference educative yet fun. We will be spending the night of Saturday the 21st in the City of Accra at the Airport View Hotel. There will be live performances, karaoke and some pleasant taste of good music. This night promises to be super fun filled. Are you ready to sing and dance in representation of your country at a thrilling battle with the Ghanaians? Please come prepared!

Dinner Night - Saturday 21 January, 2017[edit]

A dinner with all participants for the night. Experience a host of continental dishes and the opportunity to try some local Ghanaian dishes.

Social Activities[edit]

Night excursions - Friday 20th There will be a guided tour in Osu (environs of the hotel) for participants who would like to explore Accra.

Last day short excursion - Sunday 22nd There will be short excursions after the half day meeting on Sunday to highlight a few important (historical) places in Accra. Participants will be taken to the;

Participants will also be taken on a sightseeing tour to some landmarks in Accra. These will include;

For participants with late night flight, there will be a hangout at the African Regent Hotel with some cool jazz and African Music to celebrate African Music and Dance.

NB: All these trips should not last beyond an hour or two.