WikiIndaba conference 2018/Program/Hubs or Knobs: Building Capacity of Wikimedians in Nigeria

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : Building_Capacity Hubs or Knobs: Building Capacity of Wikimedians in Nigeria
Speakers : Olaniyan Olushola and Runcie Chidebe (Wikimedia User Group Nigeria, Nigeria) Time block: saturday-afternoon Start : 13:37
Location : Great room Duration : 7 min.
Description :

While editors in other parts of the world are scouting or thinking of contents to edit or to write, in Africa, they are millions of contents on African cities, festivals, buildings, forest, and cultural events that are sketchy or not on Wikimedia. There is no doubt, Africa has incredible photographers, but these images are not seen by the world; Africa also have creators like journalists, but, contents on Africa is still sketchy. To close the gaps, African Wikimedia community needs to work more collaboratively by creating hubs or knobs in their various countries. Wikimedia User Group Nigeria was founded in 2015 to serve Wikimedians in Nigeria and to promote Wikimedia projects in Nigeria. As at today, the user group has started about 4 hubs in different cities of the country, using various projects of diverse issues as knobs to connect the hubs. Creating hubs across cities are some significant strategy of increasing and promoting Wikimedia and closing the gap in Nigeria, we want to share this strategy at the conference.

Themes : WikiCulture & Community
Tags : Content gap reduction, Wikimedia projects promotion, Hubs
Notes : #WikiIndaba18_Building_Capacity