WikiIndaba conference 2018/Program/Partnerships Clinic: Do’s and Don’ts when working with partners

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : Partnerships_Clinic Partnerships Clinic: Do’s and Don’ts when working with partners
Speakers : Julia Kirchner and Nicola Zeuner (Wikimedia Deutschland, Germany), Jack Rabah (Wikimedia Foundation, Jordan) Time block: saturday-morning Start : 09:00
Location : Great room Duration : 90 min.
Description :

We will have a peer-learning workshop on the topic of developing and implementing projects with external partners. Few participants will be able to present challenges they experienced while working with partners, and the remaining participants will provide peer consultation on these challenges. These peer consultations will happen in small group settings to allow for an in-depth understanding and discussion of current challenges that people are facing in their local contexts. Participants play an important role in the workshop both as (1) an expert by engaging as a consultant based on their own experiences and as (2) a listener who gets to hear and learn from other participants/experts. Particularly, we will shine a light on partnerships that have been either successful or failed, and try to understand common dynamics. In the end, we will develop dos and don'ts based on the participants' experiences.

Themes : WikiCulture & Community
Tags : Wikimedia movement, Partnerships
Notes : #WikiIndaba18_Partnerships_Clinic