WikiIndaba conference 2018/Program/Wikimania 2018: knowledge bridges

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : Wikimania Wikimania 2018: knowledge bridges
Speakers : Douglas Scott (Wikimedia ZA, South Africa) Time block: sunday-morning Start : 10:30
Location : Great room Duration : 60 min.
Description :

Wikimania will be coming to Africa this year. Only the second time ever and the first time in southern Africa. Bridging Knowledge gaps: the Ubuntu way forward is the theme for this year's event. An important aspect of this theme is to explore how Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects can be made more relevant to a greater share of the world population and people in Africa in particular. Currently African topics on Wikipedia are poorly covered in relation to content from other parts of the world. African language Wikipedias are still quite small relative to other language Wikipedias. There are also still relatively few editors from Africa. This round table discussion seeks to explore: What exactly are the problems facing Wikipedia and free knowledge projects generally in Africa? What can Wikimedians in Africa do to promote free knowledge projects like Wikipedia? How can Wikimania in Cape Town help?

Themes : WikiCulture & Community
Tags : Wikimania 2018, Cape Town
Notes : #WikiIndaba18_Wikimania