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Event Title[edit]

WikiIndaba conference 2018


On behalf of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Wikimedia Foundation and WikiIndaba 2018 organizing team for making it possible for the Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania to participate in this conference through me.

Programs participated[edit]

The following are the programs i was able to participate during WikiIndaba 2018 conference:-

1. Developing GLAM partnerships
2. Wikimedia and Libraries in Africa
3. Wikidata workshop
4. Future of Indaba
5. Wikimania 2018: knowledge bridges

My contributions[edit]

  • ̈The following are some of the things i shared with my fellow Wikimedians.̈
  • My general experience on Wikimedia movements in Tanzania.
  • ̽My inputs on the challenges facing citation of articles related to African languages on Wikipedia and how to overcome it.
  • Challenges about lack of referencing published sources for women articles in Africa.
  • People to be involved in Wikimedia movements (such as Journalists and librarians).
  • The use of oral citation in some African topics.

Connections made[edit]

Almost everyone was physically new to me except JRabah (WMF) although I had interactions with some others before through email, hangout and other communications means. Generally, the following are some of the Wikimedians I was able to interact with:

Connections from Conference Participants[edit]

No. Name of participant Country Username Affiliation Photo
1 Jack Rabah JRabah (WMF) WMF
Jack M. Rabah2.jpg
2 Felix Nartey Icons-flag-gh.png Ghana Flixtey Open Foundation West Africa
3 Zachary McCune Icons-flag-us.png United States ZMcCune (WMF) WMF
Zachary McCune - October 29, 2015.jpg
4 Blossom Ozurumba Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria Blossom Ozurumba Nigeria
Wikipedia Igbo Women Edit-a-thon - December 2017 - Blossom Smiling.jpg
5 Yamen Bousrih Tunisia
6 Emna Mizouni Tunisia
7 Zeineb Takouti Tunisia
8 Woubzena Jifar Icons-flag-us.png United States WJifar_(WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
9 Gereon Kalkuhl Icons-flag-de.png Germany Gereon K. Wikipedia
Gereon Kalkuhl-6895.jpg
10 Abdallah Azibert Icons-flag-td.png Chad Abdallahbigboy Chad
Edit-athon mois de la contribution francophone 51.jpg
11 Florence Devouard Icons-flag-fr.png France Anthere Wiki in Africa
12 Uzoma Ozurumba Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria Uzoma Ozurumba Nigeria
Uzoma Ihechiluru Ozurumba.jpg
13 Rossouw van Rooyen Icons-flag-na.png Namibia Dumbassman Wikimedia South Africa
14 Perside Rosalie Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon Rosalieper Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
15 Egbe Eugene Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon Eugene233 Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
116 Samuel Guebo Icons-flag-ci.png Côte d'Ivoire African Hope User Group Côte d'Ivoire
17 Katherine Maher Icons-flag-us.png United States Katherine (WMF) WMF
Katherine Maher.jpg
18 Isla Icons-flag-za.png South Africa / Icons-flag-zw.pngZimbabwe Islahaddow Wiki In Africa
19 Cornelius Kibelka Icons-flag-de.png Germany Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland
20 Hanna Petruschat Icons-flag-de.png Germany Hanna Petruschat (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland
21 Derick N. Alangi Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon Alangi_Derick Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
22 Erina Mukuta Icons-flag-ug.png Uganda Erina Mukuta Planning Wikimedia User group Uganda
23 Alex Stinson Icons-flag-us.png United States User:Astinson (WMF) Movement GLAM
Astinson (WMF) Pic.JPG
24 Olaniyan Olushola Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria Olaniyan Olushola Nigeria
Olaniyan Olushola.jpg
25 Joy Agyepong Icons-flag-gh.png Ghana Joy Agyepong Open Foundation West Africa
Joy Agyepong Wiki Indaba 2017.jpg
26 Fayçal Rezkallah Icons-flag-dz.pngAlgeria Fayçal Rezkallah Algerian Wikimedians UG
27 May Hachem Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt May Hachem93 Egypt Wikimedians User Group
28 Reem Al-Kashif Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt Reem Al-Kashif Egypt Wikimedians User Group
29 Zita Ursula Zage Icons-flag-gh.png Ghana Celestinesucess
30 Mompati Dikunwane Mompati Dikunwane Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana
31 Dumisani Ndubane DNdubane (WMF) WMF
32 N'fana DIAKITE Icons-flag-ml.png Mali KAG1LP2MDIAKITE User Group Mali

Key takeaways[edit]

Below are some of the important things i got from WikiIndaba 2018 conference:-

  1. How to proceed with the process of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania application (Felix & Dumisani)
  1. Possible GLAM programs and partnership to be implemented in our local community.
  2. How to associate Librarians to work with Wikimedians to get reference and research support.
  3. Knowledge on the use of Wikidata Query.
  4. Experience from my fellow wikimedians on how their user groups around Africa works, challenges they face, way forward to solve them.
  5. Idea of organizing WikiIndaba in Tanzania (in future).
  6. The idea of involving journalists as the way to overcome the challenge of lack of referencing (citing) published sources to write about women in Tanzania/Africa.
  7. How to proceed with the rapid grant for creating Wikipedia awareness in Tanzania editathon.

My general opinions[edit]

  1. There should be more involvement of Wikimedians in global events (where possible).
  2. More involvement of women Wikipedians (editors) in Wikimedia movements to help closing the gender gap existing in Wikipedia.
  3. Customization of some Wikip(m)edia rules and regulations to fit the needs of local communities.

Special thanks[edit]

I would like to appreciate the efforts done Zeineb Takouti and WikiIndaba 2018 organizing team in general for ensuring that VISA applications and related complexities were solved. Lastly, many thanks to all Wikimedians who participated in WikiIndaba 2018 for their diverse inputs, discussions,experience, suggestions and advices they shared with me.

Some Photos[edit]

Antoni Mtavangu&Felix Nartey at WikiIndaba 2018
Group presentationns during WikiIndaba 2018
Joy,Yamen & Antoni
Last few minutes after the end of WikiIndaba 2018
Antoni Mtavangu,Gereon K.& Felix Nartey at WikiIndaba 2018
Katherine,Ursula& Antoni at El Mouradi Gammarthi Hotel, Tunisia.